Tipico Bundesliga

Football Manager 2020 Leagues Tipico Bundesliga

League Info

NameNationTotal TeamsBudgetAvg. Training Fac.Avg. Youth Fac.Avg. AcademyReputation
136543Österreichische Tipico BundesligaAUT122.01414146tipico-bundesliga

Tipico Bundesliga teams in Football Manager 2020

CIDNameBalanceTr. BudgetWage budget leftTrainingYouthAcademyreputation
136543152FK Austria Vienna22.000.431171817125
136543154LASK Linz13.001.001121412130
136543155Rapid Vienna26.005.00116186126
136543156Sturm Graz15.001.001151716123
136543158FC RB Salzburg52.0017.001192019138
136543160SKN St.Pölten5.000.211131213115
136543137959TSV Hartberg5.000.211121010108
136543137973SCR Altach5.000.251151215114
136543652653SV Mattersburg6.000.251131213112
1365435605072Admira Wacker6.000.251161518110
13654316034828Wolfsberger AC8.000.431121212120
13654316324690WSG Tirol4.000.121131213105

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