SuperLeague 1

League Info

NameNationTotal TeamsBudgetAvg. Training Fac.Avg. Youth Fac.Avg. AcademyReputation
129650Greek Super League 1GRE140.51011116superleague1

SuperLeague 1 teams in Football Manager 2020

CIDNameBalanceTr. BudgetWage budget leftTrainingYouthAcademyreputation
129650967AEK Athens3.000.689131212133
129650969Aris Salonika0.080.044887118
129650978AE Larisa0.080.002989105
129650980OFI Crete0.120.251111011106
129650982PAOK Salonika4.002.0011141515136
129650985AO Xanthi0.120.002121313104
129650682130PAS Lamia0.430.00166597
129650694366Asteras Tripolis0.210.004101411108

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