Rossiyskaya Premier-Liga

Football Manager 2020 Leagues Rossiyskaya Premier-Liga

League Info

NameNationTotal TeamsBudgetAvg. Training Fac.Avg. Youth Fac.Avg. AcademyReputation
130486Russian Premier LeagueRUS164.0128117rossiyskaya-premier-liga

Rossiyskaya Premier-Liga teams in Football Manager 2020

CIDNameBalanceTr. BudgetWage budget leftTrainingYouthAcademyreputation
1304861518CSKA Moscow34.004.0034141112145cska-moscow
1304861520Dinamo Moscow9.0022.00171161413117dinamo-moscow
1304861523Krylja Sovetov Samara9.000.2101179105krylja-sovetov-samara
1304861525Lokomotiv Moscow41.002.000121012145lokomotiv-moscow
1304861529Spartak Moscow52.009.000151217137spartak-moscow
1304861533Ural Yekaterinburg7.000.43011710117ural-yekaterinburg
130486130501Arsenal Tula7.000.8601147127arsenal-tula
130486130509Rubin Kazan24.000.652217813118rubin-kazan
1304861301104FK Rostov2.000.6001178126fc-rostov
1304861301108Zenit St. Petersburg86.009.00011917149zenit-st-petersburg
13048658029064FC Krasnodar30.009.000171220146fc-krasnodar
13048658064627FC Ufa9.000.430557120fc-ufa
13048658101284FC Tambov6.001.004555100fc-tambov
13048658127493FC Orenburg5.001.000045115fc-orenburg
13048658137861Akhmat Grozny13.000.8601259123akhmat-grozny
13048658145347FC Sochi5.000.21000092fc-sochi

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