Ligue 1

League Info

NameNationTotal TeamsBudgetAvg. Training Fac.Avg. Youth Fac.Avg. AcademyReputation
16Ligue 1 ConforamaFRA2011.01412158ligue1

Ligue 1 teams in Football Manager 2020

CIDNameBalanceTr. BudgetWage budget leftTrainingYouthAcademyreputation
16826AS Monaco124.0022.000161516151as-monaco
16828AS Saint-Etienne11.007.000161315136as-saint-etienne
16831Amiens SC7.003.00011812127amiens-sc
16839Dijon FCO10.002.00011911127dijon-fco
16844FC Metz11.002.000121216124fc-metz
16846FC Nantes11.005.000141515131fc-nantes
16851FC Girondins de Bordeaux37.0011.000151316136fc-girondins-de-bordeaux
16858LOSC Lille18.0013.000161116145losc-lille
16859Montpellier Hérault SC20.004.000121015130montpellier-herault-sc
16860Nîmes Olympique10.002.000121315127nimes-olympique
16862OGC Nice29.0013.000161217136ogc-nice
16865Olympique Lyonnais76.0026.0043171518156olympique-lyonnais
16866Olympique de Marseille23.000.000161215146olympique-de-marseille
16868Paris Saint-Germain150.0073.00103161617172paris-saint-germain
16872RC Strasbourg Alsace7.004.00012814129rc-strasbourg-alsace
16875Angers SCO14.003.00011914129angers-sco
16884Stade Rennais FC40.009.000161616136stade-rennais-fc
16886Toulouse FC3.003.000151416129toulouse-fc
162047Stade de Reims8.002.000141016129stade-de-reims
162061Stade Brestois 293.002.00012812124stade-brestois-29

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