Favbet Liha

League Info

NameNationTotal TeamsBudgetAvg. Training Fac.Avg. Youth Fac.Avg. AcademyReputation
5314301Ukrainian Premier LeagueUKR122.01210127favbet-liha

Favbet Liha teams in Football Manager 2020

CIDNameBalanceTr. BudgetWage budget leftTrainingYouthAcademyreputation
53143011885Dynamo Kyiv16.008.000181218146dynamo-kyiv
53143011887Karpaty Lviv0.081.000141216103karpaty
53143011895Shakhtar Donetsk39.008.000181518150shakhtar-donetsk
53143011902Zorya Lugansk3.000.000101310125zorya-lugansk
5314301130870FC Mariupol0.000.02012710100fc-mariupol
5314301484460FC Olexandriya3.000.1001287114fc-olexandriya
5314301484484Desna Chernigiv2.000.00015101195desna-chernigiv
53143011301293Vorskla Poltava0.000.02010915117vorskla-poltava
53143015321800Olimpik Donetsk2.000.00010510105olimpik-donetsk
531430171063212Kolos Kovalivka2.000.08073797kolos-kovalivka
531430171100066SC Dnipro-12.000.25012121290dnipro-1
531430171105154FC Lviv0.000.00010121195fc-lviv

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