Football Manager 2020 Football Manager 2020 Best Scouts

Football Manager 2020 Best Scouts

We all love longer saves in Football Manager, but if you want to keep on performing you will need to keep on improving your squad. To do that you will need the best possible scouting team. This list helps you finding the best scouts in Football Manager 2020.

Best scouts in FM20

We have used the official database of Football Manager 2020 to create this list and we have used the in game staff search area to find the best scouts. On our list below you will also find basic wages for every single scout, meaning it will be easier for you to spot that ideal and affordable scout. Keep in mind though that some of these wages are dynamic as they are not set in the pregame editor. This means that wages are different in every new save you start.

If you need any help in signing scouts and the jobs they can do for you; read our special scouting guide: Signing scouts in Football Manager

Want to use this list directly in FM20? Download our shortlist!

* Some scouts on our list will not appear in the save you play. These scouts will only appear when you select a large database with a large number of nations and leagues selected.

Football Manager 2020 Best Scouts

Víctor Arroyo65 ARGSan Lorenzo850
Pablo Budna44 ARGMan Utd1300
Luciano Canepa39 ARGASPIRE1700
Emiliano Gallo35 ARGVélez775
Pablo Gibelli48 ARGTalleres Cba.425
Ramón Maddoni78 ARGBoca825
Norberto Madurga74 ARGBoca625
José Mayorga42 ARGMan Utd1300
Manfred Linzmaier56 AUTIngolstadt1000
Matthias Ringler29 AUTSK Rapid Vienna775
Urbain Haesaert78 BELAjax1000
Roland Janssen60 BELMan Utd1500
Nuni Kucukovic53 BIHHamburger SV1200
Sergio de Souza32 BRAMan Utd1100
Juarez Fischer58 BRAPalmeiras2000
Mauro Félix48 BRAFlamengo1100
Serginho47 BRA-
Thiago Araujo47 BRAInternacional1100
Jorge Alvial59 CHICincinnati2000
Alfonso Garcés78 CHIUniversidad Católica400
Igor Gabrijelic58 CRODinamo725
Michael Provaznik36 CZEEintracht Frankfurt1100
Jakob Friis-Hansen52 DENBordeaux1000
Søren Lerby61 DEN-
Tommy Møller Nielsen57 DENMan Utd1700
Ian Atkins62 ENGWolves1700
Bobby Bennett63 ENGArsenal1300
Peter Braund52 ENGTottenham1700
Ian Broomfield68 ENGTottenham1100
Robert Flanagan36 ENGNorwich1900
Jim Flood59 ENGSouthampton1100
Martyn Glover61 ENGSouthampton5500
Steve Hitchen42 ENGTottenham5500
Russell Hullett46 ENG-
Kevin Hunt43 ENG-
Bryan King72 ENG-
Tommy Miller72 ENGSpennymoor170
Steve Rowley60 ENG-
Rod Ruddick75 ENGSouthampton550
Alan Watson58 ENGMan City6250
Simon Wells42 ENGMan Utd1100
Miki Albert38 ESPBarcelona1500
Sixto Alfonso52 ESPR. Madrid10750
Josep Boada57 ESPBarcelona1700
Francis Cagigao50 ESPArsenal2200
Keke Durán32 ESPHuesca2400
Marcos Gallego36 ESPSevilla5000
Gerardo Guzmán43 ESPMan Utd2800
Sebastián Herrera59 ESPR. Madrid5500
Rafa Juanes52 ESPVillarreal3700
Jorge Pulido34 ESPSevilla5000
Gaby Ruiz41 ESPLeeds1300
Antonio Soriano64 ESPR. Madrid10750
Ramón Vázquez55 ESPSevilla12500
Jérôme Bigot33 FRABarcelona1300
Jérôme Bonnissel46 FRAOL4100
Guy Hillion73 FRAChelsea11000
Gilles Signoret55 FRAOL4100
David Trezeguet41 FRAZebre3200
David Wantier42 FRAAS Saint-Etienne4200
Egon Coordes74 GERFC Bayern2000
Andreas Fehse60 GERSouthampton1700
Erwin Hadewicz68 GERVfB Stuttgart1200
Thomas Hörster62 GERBayer 041700
Nils Schmäler49 GERMan Utd1100
Heiner Schuhmann70 GERBorussia Dortmund1900
Michael Collins38 IRLMan City825
Marco Albergati49 ITAInter3000
Valentino Angeloni52 ITA-
Roberto Brovarone54 ITAZebre3200
Federico Cherubini48 ITAZebreN/A
Roberto Colombo43 ITACagliari3600
Gianluca Comotto40 ITAFiorentina3600
Gianluca Conte47 ITAInter9750
Alessia Cucciniello35 ITARoma4300
Fabio D'Amico47 ITA-
Antonio D'Ottavio37 ITAMilan3500
Julio De Marco54 ITAArsenal2200
Giuseppe Dello Russo48 ITAInter8000
Emilio Doveri63 ITA-
Alfredo Femiano40 ITAZebre3500
Fabio Galante45 ITAInter4600
Gerardo Gallo45 ITAZebre2300
Andrea Grammatica40 ITASPAL3500
Piero Lombardi38 ITAPerugia475
Donato Lomonte37 ITAMilan4500
Giuseppe Lupo36 ITALazio3000
Sergio Manto41 ITARoma4100
Leonardo Mantovani51 ITANapoli8250
Roberto Marta48 ITAAtalanta2300
Gianfranco Matteoli60 ITAInter3500
Stefano Miccioni40 ITAPerugia1100
Maurizio Niccolini61 ITAFiorentina3500
Massimiliano Notari47 ITAAS Monaco4700
Aldo Pecini67 ITANapoli8750
Giuseppe Pompilio41 ITANapoli4200
Angelo Quarto55 ITAMilan4700
Giovanni Rosignoli42 ITAZebre3900
Claudio Sclosa58 ITAInter3500
Francesco Sotera56 ITAInter3000
Gianmario Specchia42 ITASPAL2900
Simone Tognon44 ITAZebre10000
Pasquale Ussia55 ITAAtalanta3700
Ernesto Varnier73 ITAUdinese2300
Corrado Verdelli55 ITAInter3500
Roberto Vichi65 ITARoma3500
Roberto Viviani47 ITAZebre3500
Domenico Zinfollino46 ITARoma3900
Roy Beukenkamp51 NEDMan Utd1100
Hugo Hovenkamp69 NEDAZ1200
Willy van der Kuylen72 NEDPSV1300
Koen Veenstra24 NEDAZ1600
Jim Lawlor54 NIRMan Utd5500
Roman Szewczyk54 POLFC RB Salzburg4800
Rudi Wojtowicz63 POLVfL Wolfsburg2000
Sérgio Brito40 PORMarítimo975
Francisco Craveiro74 PORFCP3000
Fernando Gomes62 PORFCP4500
José Laranjeira36 PORRio Ave2000
Mauro Mouralinho35 PORSLB3000
Aurélio Pereira71 PORSporting6000
Kevin Cruickshank43 SCO1. FC Nürnberg2500
Mark Lawwell49 SCOMan City1700
George Mackie65 SCOArsenal6500
Bojan Krkic56 SERBarcelona1300
Stéphane Chapuisat49 SUIYoung Boys1400
Emre Utkucan38 TURGalatasaray900
Victor de los Santos55 URUCelaya170
Mark Prizant40 USAMan Utd1700
David Williams49 WALMan Utd1600

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