Football Manager 2020 Best Data Analysts in Football Manager 2020

Best Data Analysts in Football Manager 2020

This article contains a list with the best Data Analysts in Football Manager 2020. We have used the FM20 Database to find only the best of the best!

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst role in Football Manager is still quite new. The role was introduced in FM17 and while the role has been improved since then, it is still considered to be an underrated role. I mean, you won’t lose games if you don’t have one. But believe me when I say this role can be very valuable when scouting players and opponents. Want to know more? Read our guide on Data Analysts to find out more about their responsibilities in Football Manager.

Best Data Analysts in FM20

Back to the list. We have used the FM20 database and have selected the best of the best! Which filters did we use?

  • Judging Player Ability 13 or higher
  • Judging Player Potential 13 or higher
  • Presenting Data 13 or higher

These three attributes are essential for a Data Analyst to use. We also set the Preferred Job on Data Analyst to make sure that the ones on the list actually want to sign for you as a Data Analyst. Find the full list under the image.

Football Manager 2020 Best Data Analysts

Diego Medina52 ARGIndependiente775
Matías Manna36 ARG-
Gabriel Wainer53 ARG-
Alexandre Ceolin56 BRA-
Fernando Lázaro38 BRA-
Mick Court44 ENGMan Utd4500
Laurence Stewart33 ENGRB Leipzig4500
Nick Benett27 ENGTottenham1300
Woody Dewar27 ENGTottenham900
Harry Dunn27 ENGMan City2200
Lee Fraser45 ENGNewcastle2200
Jack Patchett26 ENGMan Utd1700
Stuart Metcalf32 ENGTottenham2800
Ollie Waldron41 ENGBordeaux800
José Ignacio Aizpurua49 ESPLevante2800
Álex García49 ESPPeñarol525
Xabier Ruiz de Ocenda31 ESPA. Madrid5500
Perico Campos62 ESP-
Raúl Peláez42 ESPBarcelona4300
Víctor Mañas53 ESPArsenal4500
Álvaro García Peinado29 ESPGranada3500
Léon Anquetil36 FRA-
Christophe Prudhon57 FRAOL4500
Alexander Schmalhofer32 GERFC RB Salzburg4800
Serdar Ayar47 GERBorussia Dortmund1800
Benjamin Weber36 GERParis SG9750
Benjamin Ehresmann32 GERRB Leipzig3000
Benjamin Glück33 GERRB Leipzig1300
Antonis Lemonakis48 GREEverton1700
Tamás Grúz36 HUN-
Simone Beccaccioli36 ITA-
Michele Salzarulo35 ITAInter2300
Riccardo Scirea42 ITAZebre3500
Giuseppe Vernamonte47 ITAZebre2500
Giuseppe Maiuri28 ITAZebre8750
Alex Abresch31 NEDPSV750
Joey Pol25 NED-
Stuart Harvey41 NIRBlackburn675
David Pereira36 PORShandong300
Nuno Cesário29 PORSLB1500
Tiago Leal34 PORRoma4500
Tomás Amaral28 PORSLB3800
Roman Pylypchuk52 UKR-
Dafydd Steele37 WALLiverpool1100

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