Football Manager 2020 5 wonderkids to avoid due to injury pronesses

5 wonderkids to avoid due to injury pronesses

It is one of the worst nightmares for a manager. You sign a great prospect and are expecting many great things. But before is able to make an impact his injury-prone tendencies force him to the sidelines. It now seems you have wasted your transferbudget on a player who is constantly suffering an injury.

To make sure you don’t sign the wrong wonderkids we have to use the Football Manager 2020 pre-game editor and look for the hidden attributes you don’t see in the game. We have used the following filters to create this list:

  • Injury Proneness: Is at least 15
  • Age: Is at most 21
  • Potential ability: Is at least -75 or at least 150

Pietro Pellegri

The 18-year-old Italian centre-forward was considered to be one of the biggest wonderkids in Football Manager 2018 and 2019. In FM2020 the profile of the AS Monaco forward has taken a real knock due to his injury proneness. He has been suffering from multiple muscle injuries in his groin and hamstring in the past two years and these could continue to hurt his career. His injury proneness is 15.

See his FM20 Profile

Willem Geubbels

No luck for AS Monaco this year as another one of their primary striker prospects has made this list. Just as Pietro Pellegri, Willem Geubbels was one of the bigger wonderkids over the past few years. But since his move to Monaco from Olympique Lyon, Geubbels’ potential has declined a bit because of several serious injuries, including a knee injury and several muscle related injuries. His injury proneness is 15.

See his FM20 profile

Krystian Bielik

This 21-year-old centre-back / defensive midfielder is one of the better young players in the English Championship. He plays for Derby County and is considered as a first team regular…if he is able to play though. He does not have a long history of serious injuries, but he is flagged as a player with a high injury proneness. His injury proneness is 17.

Nikolas Nartey

Currently on loan at Hansa Rostock in the German 3.Liga, Nikolas Nartey is one of the bigger talents from Denmark. The central midfielder is a good technical player and he is a player who loves to have the ball en mix it around. That is if he is on the field as he spends more time away from it. Over the past few years he has been suffering many muscle related injuries in his upper legs. His injury proneness is 18.

See his FM20 Profile

Gonçalo Costa

Last player on the list is 19-year-old Portuguese Gonçalo Costa. He plays for Sporting Portugal U23s and he is a left full-back. Little detail: He starts the game with a serious knee injury which will keep him sidelined until the end of September 2019. With a serious injury like that it is even more likely to suffer an injury or similar injury in the future. His injury proneness is 15.

While players with high injury proneness should be avoided at all time, there are some cases that players will get injured through a series of bad luck. In our special avoiding injuries guide we give you hints and tips how to manage your players and minimalize the amount of injuries during the season.

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