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Football Manager 2020: Wishlist

Not too long ago we dropped the question on our social media channels which features you would like to see improved in Football Manager 2020. Well, we have collected all the comments (thank you for that) and have created this article.

Ability to create your own character more

There are too little options for the manager to really create a character in Football Manager. You can select the way you look, but the background story or your personal life is something that has very little to no options in the game. We have seen this wish for years now and it keeps coming back.

Improve international management

This area is still very poorly implemented in Football Manager. Where you have tons of options as a club manager, you lack the options as an international manager. You should be able to select training methods, rest players and so on. We hope to see some improvements in this area in FM20, but seeing these options have been left out since FM06 we aren’t to optimistic…

Womens Database

With Womens football sky rocketing in the past few years, the wish to add womens football into the database of Football Manager. This should have its own structure with its own leagues, clubs and of course player database. FM20 may be coming a little bit too early for this, but we hope to see this being added at one point in the future.

FIFA 19 Women

More realistic transfers by AI

Ever had the AI spending tons of money on a player they will never use? Sound familiar? Well, we have seen this in the comments on social media and we can only agree. AI clubs and manager should be buying more players that suit there tactical needs and recent performances instead of looking at reputation and CA/PA.

Dynamic potential

Who expected Jamie Vardy ever to become a Premier League top goalscorer? He defied all the odds and developed from a mediocre non-league striker to an absolute star in the Premier League. Performances should be affecting potential more than it does in Football Manager and it should be possible for potential ability to change.

Being able to manage U21 or Reserves

One of the wishes we have seen on more than one occasion: the ability to start as a U21 or U19 manager and earn your reputation the hard way. No transfers for these teams, only squad building, tactics and development.

Better Graphics

Although the game has been developing its graphics over the years, Football Manager is still way behind games like FIFA or PES. Fans are not asking for similar graphics, but at least make the game look better and not if you are playing a game on a Super Nintendo.

Football Manager 2019 - Goal line technology

More licences

By adding the German Bundesliga in FM19, the number of licences in Football Manager has grown. However, we still want to see more licenced leagues and teams in the game, especially with the upcoming new privacy laws and the usage of logo & facepacks for content creators and bloggers.

More Leagues

Has the number of leagues in Football Manager changes in the last couple of years? The amount of standard leagues in FM has been on the same level for years now and it would be awesome to see more leagues added by SI and not the community. There are massive improvements available in Africa, North America and even big continents like Europe and South America. We want more leagues SI!

Do you feel we have missed out on any wishes you have?
Make sure to leave a comment below!

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  1. I need to see more dribble moves
    I think the game should be developed so the more advance players could execute more advance mives
    Such as dribble moves step over spin headers back heal etx
    Something to make them Stan’s out different from the regular olayers
    It would also be nice to see a young player been able to execute some of these moves from early so you could tell that you have a potential stars

  2. It needs a personal life so you can spend your money, especially buy a club as chairman and it also needs a stadium editor. We have a little bit now when our players turn out to be gay. Will they now be transexual and play in the women’s team? I cant see them ever introducing a stadium editor or personal life. FIFA manager is still a better game, especially the earlier versions when you could control the payers with a joystick.

  3. Be able to edit/create your managers playing history – clubs he’s been at, edit international caps & goals, what position he played, who he’s loved & hated by etc..

  4. Hello,

    We should be able to start as scout. To do this, “Start Scout” tab should come.

    We need to be Scout in the club, find young talents and report to the manager.

    It shouldn’t just be a manager.

  5. Hi

    1-More power at the club !
    If the club has loans or in debt and you receive money for players or Tv rights ! You should be able to choose to spend it,our remove the it’s outstanding loans or debt !
    Your aim is a long term plan.

    2-You decide how much money you can invest into the stadium or the youth/training facilities !
    (Be nice to see the improvements of the project you aim to improve, pitche)

    3- Nice to make a bigger deal of winning a Cup final or the league !
    Nice to have cabinet to see your cups and celebrate it better !

    4-why not unlock things !
    So if you are at a club for a year you can have more power !
    Like wenger don’t at Arsenal !

    5-You chose the club sponsorship and kit sponsor !
    Also choose a different design if of kit if you choose !

    That’s my ideas lol


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