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Football Manager 2020: News and Info

With the summer approaching, Football Manager fanatics from all around the world are eagerly looking ahead towards the new football season. And a new football season will also bring a new version of Football Manager. On this page we will be keeping you up to date on the latest news on Football Manager 2020!

21/06/2019 – When will FM20 be released?

Friday 1st November or Friday November 8th. While Sports Interactive have not made any comments on the release of Football Manager 2020, we expect the game to be released in the first or second week of November. In the last few years, this week has been the release week.

18/06/2019 – Football Manager available on new platforms

Awesome news that the Football Manager franchise will be returning to different platforms again!

Google Stadia

Sports Interactive announced that they will be featuring FM20 as a launch title on Google’s new gaming platform Google Stadia. This new gaming platform is one of a kind as Stadia uses Google’s data centers to handle the intense game play processing and graphics to take the strain off of your hardware. This means that you don’t need to have a top of the range machine to enjoy a great FM experience and you’ll also be able to play on any Chrome-enabled TV or device.

Xbox Game Pass

With the introduction of Microsoft’s Xbox Game pass, Football Manager 2020 will be one of the games that will be available through this new gaming service. This is a new subscription service that will allow gamers to play dozens of high quality pc-games for a small monthly fee (a little bit like Netflix). Not only will FM20 be available on the release day, but Football Manager 2019 (or FM19) has already been made available!


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