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Football Manager 2019: What do we know?

Football Manager 2019 was officially confirmed on Monday with both Sports Interactive and Miles Jacobsen releasing information on the new game. A video was posted on social media, as well as new graphics for the box and a brand new flashy logo. On this page we will be keeping up to date on the latest news on Football Manager 2019 until the final release of the game in November.

What do we know so far?

First of all: release date.

The full version of FM19 will be released on November 2nd

FM Touch 19 and FM Mobile will all be released on the same day like last year.

As expected the FM19 Beta will be released two weeks before the full release. Looking at the calendar October 18 or 19 seem to be the dates for the FM19 Beta release.

FM19 Trailer

New Logo

One of the major new announcements is the change of graphics for the game. Not in the game (as far as we know), but for the graphics on te box and the advertisements.

FM19 logo

We see new background colors and a neat pattern, using more vibrant colours like purple, pink, yellow and red.


And also, the old trusty Football Manager logo has been given a nice modern re-brand. It looks more modern than we are used to, so maybe we can expect a big upgrade on the UI for FM2019? Who knows!

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