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Football Manager 2019: VAR and Match Improvements

With the revealing of the new Football Manager 2019 features, Sports Interactive have announced that they have made massive improvements on the Matchday experience you have as a manager. The game also sees the introduction of the Video Assistance Referee aka VAR.


There will be two types of VAR used in Football Manager 2019. One where the referee will use a television screen to assess the situation and one where he will directly communicate with the Video Assistant Referees via an earpiece. The type of VAR that will be used depends on the usage of the technology in real-life.

Goal-line technology

Another addition to the Matchday experience is Goal-line technology. This is shown in form of a replay, coming from a top-down perspective to indicate whether the ball did or did not cross the line, along with commentary confirming this.

Both technologies can cause a stir on and off the pitch. During press-conferences you will be asked about situations where one of these was used. Also controversial incidents will be referenced in match reports and across social media.

New tactical styles & AI

The new Match engine has many changes and improvements to make sure the new tactical systems are faithfully represented during a match. This includes tweaks of the player roles, their duties and the way the AI reacts to that. AI managers will also be more intelligent with their role and duty selections on matchdays.

SI also confirms that more than 500 animations have been replaced or improved, including the animations for:

  • ball control
  • crosses
  • headers
  • passes
  • shots
  • tackles
  • some celebrations
  • and even crowd movements.

More stadium variety

There are also visual improvements to the stadiums, especially for the Lower League Managers. Many improvements to stadiums up to 5.000 have been made, which will result in more variety of these type of stadiums.

Additionally, we’ve included disabled fans in all types of stadiums.

Team Talks – Dressing Room

The team talks have been maintained, but these will show more information than other years. The Dynamics feature has been integrated into team talks, with each player’s position in your squad’s hierarchy now displayed on the team talk screen.

You will be receiving more information of the effect that your team talk has on your team leaders and other social groups. Keeping your team leaders on your side is important to have a happy dressing room and improve team morale.

Assistant manager and team talks

Some of you decide to have your assistant do their team talks and there have been improvements in that area. They will now be able to address individual players as well as the whole team.

Your assistant will also recommend more contextual team talk options when advising you on what on to say to your players. And, speaking of more contextual options, at the end of a season you’ll be presented with more team talk options relating to your team’s situation.

Check out the other new features in Football Manager 2019:


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