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Football Manager 2019: Revamped Tactics Module

One of the major revamps in Football Manager 2019 has been the revamp of the tactical system. There will be many new features to use. The player roles have become more important in FM and the guys over at SI felt that they wanted to help you and add even more options, while they have added user friendliness.

Tactical Styles

New in FM19 will be ‘Tactical Styles’ and you will be able to use famous systems such as ‘Gegenpress’, ‘Tiki-taka’, ‘Catenaccio’ and many more. When you click on one of these styles, you will see a list with all the available styles, which will have descriptions. You will also be able to create your own style and you can ask your assistant to select one that suits best to your team.

Once you have picked a tactical style you want, you will see an overview of the team instructions that will be used in this style and several formations that this style will work with. You will also notice that player roles will be pre-selected to suit the tactical style and formation you have chosen. Off course you will be able to change these later on.

Phases of Play

Also new is the option to add specific team instructions for three different ‘phases of play’:

  • when you have possession
  • when you are transitioning between attack and defence
  • when you don’t have possession.

Lost possession

When your side have lost possession, you can ask them to be more aggressive in their tackling and really press the opposition to quickly win the ball back. There is also the option to ‘Regroup’ which will maintain your team’s shape when you lose the ball and this will prevent you from being hit on a fast break.

It is possible to mirror these instructions when your side have won the ball, opting to quickly counter and take advantage of the gaps your opponent leaves behind or you choose to hold your shape and patiently build-up the play, suiting a possession-orientated tactical style.

Goalkeeper distribution

More options and control over the ways your goalkeeper reacts on different phases during play. You know have more control over how quickly he distributes the ball, what area of the pitch or player that they target and the method that they employ to distribute the ball.

In Possession

This allows you to focus on your attacking intent, including width, approach play and what you want your players to do if you have the ball in the final third. A new instruction has been added called ‘play for set pieces’, which can be useful if your team is deadly on free-kicks and corners.

Marking and tackling

The out of possession phase will add options to the defensive aspect of your tactics. These include the defensive shape of your team and will add marking and tackling options to the team. New is the ability to set your line of engagement and defensive line by dragging the relevant arrows on the tactics pitch. There are also similar sliders to set your pressing intensity and defensive width.

New player roles

New roles have been added to the list.

The pressing forward
A role that is designed for an attacker who will put pressure on the opponents defensive line. Your striker will press down the defenders and restrict their time on the ball.

No-Nonsense Full-Back and No-Nonsense Centre-Back
The term says it all. They will focus predominantly on basic defensive duties and very rarely move forward into attacking areas. Probably good additions for the Lower League Managers under us.


There have also been tweaks to the mentality terms, creating new ones that will still do the same as we were used to.

New mentalities are:

  • Very Defensive
  • Cautious
  • Positive
  • Very Attacking

These are all clearly explained in-game, so you can easily learn which mentality should be used in each situation.

Pre-match briefing

Last year we introduced the pre-match briefing and we have built upon this for FM19. Firstly, you’ll notice that the briefing has been redesigned make it easier to navigate through and clearer on how you can talk to your team, with more options available. Your assistant manager will also provide recommended topics for discussion.

Check out the other new features in Football Manager 2019:


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