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Football Manager 2019 Patch 19.1 released

Sports Interactive have released a new hotfix for Football Manager 2019 ahead of the full release on Friday November 2nd. This patch will bring several fixes to the match engine and the long awaited injury bug fix.

19.1 Changelist:

  • Various stability fixes
  • Match spectating is back
  • Fixed various VAR issues
  • Match Injuries toned down to expected levels
  • Increased Penalty Conversion
  • Fixed line-ups panel getting stuck on goalkeeper on Macs
  • Improvements to opposition instructions
  • Resolved a couple of issues related to players on loan
  • Resolved issue where clubs transfer budget was incorrectly reduced
  • Fixed Danish Superliga not scheduling in future seasons due to Relegation Stage problems
  • Tweaks and fixes to how fatigue is calculated
  • Fixed display issues indicating players weren’t training or progressing correctly
  • Fixed various unhappiness and interaction issues
  • Balancing work regarding the sacking of managers
  • Various Match Engine improvements
  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Addressed various additional issues
  • Some data changes

As always it’s save game compatible. If you’re in the game, save and close down, then the update should occur via Steam. If it doesn’t update, just try restarting Steam. However, for league and competition fixes you will need to start a new save.

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