Football Manager 2019 Patch 19.0.3 released


Sports Interactive have released a new hotfix for Football Manager 2019. This update will address several bug and stability issues reported by users in Football Manager 2019 Beta version 19.0.2.

One issue we’ve not addressed so far is in relation to injuries during a match. We are aware that currently the amount of injuries occurring is higher than it should be and our match team is working very hard to get this balanced correctly for full release.

Likewise all the other issues which have been raised via the bugs forum are being investigated by various teams in order to make the full release of Football Manager 2019 the best it possibly can be. We really do appreciate all the feedback raised so far.

As always it’s save game compatible. If you’re in the game, save and close down, then the update should occur via Steam. If it doesn’t update, just try restarting Steam.

19.0.3 Changelist
- Various graphical crash fixes
– General stability fixes
- Win-32 bit out of memory issues
- Dark skin improvements


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