Football Manager 2019: First look

Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2019 Features

Sports Interactive have finally given the fans what they were hoping for: a first look at the new Football Manager 2019 Features! With less than a month to go before the Football Manager 2019 Beta looks to be released, SI have unveiled their biggest new features for the new game. Lets find out what they have revealed!

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Football Manager 2019 Features – Screenshots

New Graphical interface

One of the first things that has been revamped is the graphical interface. Instead of light and dark, Football Manager 2019 now has a bright purple base color. As you can see on the other screenshots, the color of the top bar will shift colors and match the colors of the team you are managing.

Football Manager 2019 - Club overview

Football Manager 2019 Features Career

New Tactical system

One of the major improvements this year have been made on the tactical system. As you can see on the screenshot below, you have a lot more options when making a tactic. It is now possible to decide tactics when possession has been lost and has been won, also a tactic when your goalkeeper has the ball.

Although we are not that sure what all the improvements will bring, it looks that you have a lot more options to make that tactic perfect!

Football Manager 2019 tactics

New training system

Return of the old Championship Manager training system! You are now able to take more control of your team training and decide what your players will be doing during the day! More control, more and better development!

A series of screenshots

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