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Longer saves in Football Manager are fun to play. If you want to keep on performing on the highest level, a good scouting team is a must-have. The Scouts will be searching the globe for new talent, whilst the Data Analysts will give you the best possible data on players and opponents. This list shows you the Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Data Analysts.

To create the list we have used the official Football Manager 2019 database and have used the in game staff search tool to find the best possible staff members. We then selected the best Chief Scouts, Scouts, Chief Data Analysts and Data Analysts.

On the Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Analysts list we have also added the basic set wage for all the scouts. We would like to remind you that some of these wages aren’t pre-filled at the start of the game. That means wages can be different in every new save you start.

The columns in the list can be sorted and we have a live search option. That way you can easily find the scouts you are looking for.

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* Some scouts will not appear in the save you play. These scouts will only appear when you select a large database with a large number of nations and leagues selected.

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Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts & Data Analysts

Below you will find all the lists that we have on this page. We have created four different lists, showing the best:

  • Chief Scouts
  • Scouts
  • Chief Data Analysts
  • Data Analysts

Football Manager 2019 Best Scouts

A list with the best available scouts in the Football Manager 2019 Database. We have used the following criteria to create this list:

  • Adaptability: 15
  • Judging Player ability: 20
  • Judging Player ability: 20
  • Preferred job: Scout

NameAgeClubWages p/w (£)Expires
Sebastian Arnesen35Man City1.00030-6-2023
Armand Benneker49Man Utd1.50030-6-2019
Roberto Bosco56Juventus290030-6-2019
Peter Braund51Tottenham150030-6-2020
Ian Broomfield68Tottenham100030-6-2019
Francis Cagigao49Arsenal200030-6-2019
Luciano Canepa37Man Utd150030-6-2019
Peter Clark38Arsenal120030-6-2019
Ricardo Correia43Fluminense90031-12-2020
Kevin Cruickshank42Stoke100030-6-2021
Giuseppe Dragone48Juventus320030-6-2019
Dave Fallows58Liverpool450030-6-2020
Pedro Ferreira35SLB410030-6-2020
Benjamin Frank37Borussia Dortmund160030-6-2020
Jorge García72Racing Club77530-6-2021
Everton Gushiken42Arsenal90030-6-2022
Juarez Fischer57Palmeiras190031-12-2021
Bryan King71Aston Villa130030-6-2021
Jürgen Kost50Arsenal120030-6-2023
Jim Lawlor52Man Utd500030-6-2019
Antonio Lopez58--
Ramón Maddoni78Boca72530-6-2022
Scott McLachlan49Chelsea100030-6-2023
Tommy Miller72Spennymoor10030-6-2019
David Mills66Leicester190030-6-2021
Rafa Monfort55Udinese200030-6-2021
Bartosz Oledzki40Chelsea525030-6-2023
Carlos Paniza52Mallorca120030-6-2020
Vittorio Quagliarella67Juventus320030-6-2019
Giovanni Rosignoli43Juventus350030-6-2023
Steve Rowley59--
Rod Ruddick74Southampton50030-6-2019
Nils Schmäler48Man Utd100030-6-2020
Omar Sciolla49Man Utd100030-6-2019
Toninho Cruz49--
Carlos Vargas40Milan825030-6-2023
Simon Wells42Man Utd100030-6-2019
Chris Welman42Southampton40030-6-2019
David Williams48Man Utd140030-6-2019
Rudi Wojtowicz62VfL Wolfsburg180030-6-2020
Gary Worthington51Man City350030-6-2023
Rudolf Zbinden59Basel180030-6-2022

Football Manager 2019 Best Data Analysts

A list with the best available scouts in the Football Manager 2019 Database. We have used the following criteria to create this list:

  • Judging Player ability: 13
  • Judging Player ability: 13
  • Presenting Data: 13
  • Preferred job: Data Analyst

NameAgeClubWages p/w (£)Expires
Alexandre Ceolin55--
Enrico Allavena46Lazio260030-6-2022
Paul Balsom53Leicester100030-6-2022
Simone Beccaccioli35Roma290030-6-2023
Salvador Bernal45--
Andy Blake36Leicester80030-6-2021
Richard Bredice27Man City90030-6-2023
Robert Clarkson31Man City65030-6-2021
Mick Court43Man Utd200030-6-2020
Woody Dewar26Man City50030-6-2021
Harry Dunn26Man City90030-6-2023
Michael Emmerson27Chelsea85030-6-2021
Andrew Findlay30Wolves200030-6-2021
Daniel Fischer24Mainz 0580030-6-2020
Marcus Fregin32VfB Stuttgart90030-6-2019
Luis Gallardo26--
Ismael Gilabert25--
Tom Green26Man Utd80030-6-2020
Gustavo Nicoline36Palmeiras95031-12-2021
Dustin Heun34VfL Wolfsburg130030-6-2020
Erich Klaus35--
Ben Knapper31Arsenal150030-6-2022
Jasiel José Martins19--
James Melbourne36Chelsea180030-6-2023
Niall O'Connor24Arsenal75030-6-2021
Jack Patchet26Arsenal90030-6-2020
Kai-Norman Schulz44Borussia Dortmund180030-6-2020
Riccardo Scirea41Juventus320030-6-2023
Serdar Ayar46Borussia Dortmund160030-6-2019
Ben Smith37Chelsea85030-6-2021
Chris Standring28Chelsea75030-6-2021
Luke Stopforth29Brentford75030-6-2019

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