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The medical side of Football Manager has been taking a big step forward with the introduction of the medical center in FM18. This area has been even further expanded in Football Manager 2019 and this shows the importance of your medical team. In this article you will find the Football Manager 2019 Best Physios and Sports Scientists.

To create the list we have used the official Football Manager 2019 database and have used the in game staff search tool to find the best possible staff physios and sports scientists. We then selected the best Head Physios, Physios, Head Sports scientists and Sports scientists.

On the Football Manager 2019 Best Physios & Sports scientists list we have also added the basic set wage. We would like to remind you that some of these wages aren’t pre-filled at the start of the game. That means wages can be different in every new save you start.

The columns in the list can be sorted and we have a live search option. That way you can easily find the backroom staff member you are looking for.

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How many physios should I sign?

Pretty easy; sign as many as your board allows you to. The more physios you have at your club, the faster injured players will be able to recover. This also goes for the Sports scientists. The more you have, the better they will be at their job in keeping your squad healthy. Always try to max out your medical team.

Keeping injuries under control

As we all know, the football season can be long and hard. For big teams that play a lot of games, it could be difficult to keep you squad fit at all times. We have created a set of guides to help you learn to avoid injuries during the season.

* Some physios or sports scientists will not appear in the save you play. These scouts will only appear when you select a large database with a large number of nations and leagues selected.

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Football Manager 2019 Best Physios and Sports Scientists

Below you will find all the lists that we have on this page. We have created four different lists, showing the best:

  • Physios
  • Head Physios
  • Sports scientists

Best Physios

A list with the best available physios in the Football Manager 2019 Database. We have used the following criteria to create this list:

  • Physiotherapy: 20
  • Preferred job: Physio

NameAgeClubWage p/w (£)Expires
Thiago Albuquerque44Grêmio110031-12-2021
James Baldwin43Man City70030-6-2021
Alasdair Beattie50Burnley150030-6-2021
Holger Berger63SV Werder90030-6-2019
Gianni Bianchi52FC Bayern180030-6-2020
David Binningsley42Sunderland80030-6-2019
Andreas Bluhm44--
Bruno Mazziotti40--
Silvano Cotti66Guangzhou70031-12-2020
Ingrael do Amaral36Grêmio100031-12-2021
Jörg Drill62VfL Wolfsburg370030-6-2021
Klaus Eder64--
Helmut Erhard46FC Bayern180030-6-2020
Thiago Fadel46Fluminense72531-12-2019
Jon Fearn43Chelsea850030-6-2023
Dario Fort42--
Wolfgang Frey52Rapid Vienna82530-6-2020
Jesper Gabriëls34Vitesse120030-6-2019
Juan José García Cota52Vigo42530-6-2022
Peter Gebhartl50SV Ried62530-6-2019
Peter Geigle45TSG Hoffenheim110030-6-2019
Holger Genius51Schalke 04130030-6-2020
Guilherme Fialho34Atlético Mineiro95031-12-2020
Christian Huhn42FC Bayern180030-6-2020
Jairo Evangelista63--
Peter Joosten59NAC75030-6-2019
Hermann Kruckenfellner40Austria Vienna62530-6-2019
Fernando Lacomba40Málaga240030-6-2022
Florian Lauerer44SV Werder90030-6-2020
Thierry Laurent53Chelsea350030-6-2022
Vinícius Leal36Internacional77531-12-2019
Leonardo Morais42Goiás52531-12-2020
Colin Lewin44--
Gary Lewin54--
Sven Louwers34VVV60030-6-2019
Lieven Maesschalck48--
Marcelo Pucca38Goiás35031-12-2019
Márcio Caldas37Sport87531-12-2020
Marcos Vinícius53Goiás52531-12-2020
Mário Peixoto38Flamengo110031-12-2021
Dirk Müller49Borussia M'gladbach110030-6-2020
Jason Palmer52Chelsea300030-6-2023
Paulo Souza48São Paulo75031-12-2019
Alessandro Pereira da Silva42São Paulo95031-12-2021
Juan Carlos Pérez Frías61Málaga220030-6-2021
Ivan Porobija34Schalke 04110030-6-2020
Avelino Ribeiro Buongermino53Santos95031-12-2020
Ricardo Sasaki52São Paulo120031-12-2021
Edílson Thielle37--
Swantje Thomßen33Borussia Dortmund150030-6-2019
Marcelino Torrontegui54Málaga240030-6-2021
Chris van der Veeken65NAC72530-6-2019
Uwe Vetter52SC Freiburg80030-6-2021
Erwin Vloedgraven53PEC Zwolle80030-6-2019
Gerhard Wallner57SK Sturm Graz140030-6-2019
Wellington Alencar39Ceará82531-12-2020
Derek Wright63Newcastle250030-6-2022
Steve Wright43Southampton500030-6-2019

Best Head Physios

A list with the best available Head Physios in the Football Manager 2019 Database. We have used the following criteria to create this list:

  • Physiotherapy: 18
  • Man Management: 15
  • Preferred job: Physio or Head Physio

James Baldwin43Man City70030-6-2021
Gianni Bianchi52FC Bayern180030-6-2020
Andreas Bluhm44--
Ralf Blume50Hannover 96110030-6-2020
Bruno Mazziotti40--
Wolfgang Bunz61--
Grant Downie50Man City120030-6-2021
Helmut Erhard46FC Bayern180030-6-2020
Jon Fearn43Chelsea850030-6-2023
Antonio Fernández Gere42Granada100030-6-2021
Juan José García Cota52Celta42530-6-2022
Frank Glass53--
Tim Hielscher35Schalke 04110030-6-2020
Christian Huhn42FC Bayern180030-6-2020
Ismael Liu38Atlético Mineiro100031-12-2020
Fernando Lacomba40Málaga240030-6-2022
Florian Lauerer44SV Werder90030-6-2020
Colin Lewin44--
Gary Lewin54--
Jorge Macagno61San Lorenzo80030-6-2021
Marcos Vinícius53Goiás52531-12-2020
Reinhard Mörz45--
Lee Nobes42Man City300030-6-2023
Michele Putaro44VfL Wolfsburg130030-6-2020
Ricardo Sasaki52São Paulo120031-12-2021
Marco Romano33Napoli320030-6-2023
Ronnie Peterson40--
Till Rothweiler53Bayer 04110030-6-2020
Nikolaus Schmid47RB Leipzig130030-6-2020
Gianluca Scolaro42Juventus470030-6-2020
Geoff Scott55Tottenham400030-6-2023
Edílson Thielle37--
Swantje Thomßen33Borussia Dortmund150030-6-2019
Uwe Vetter52SC Freiburg80030-6-2021
Gerhard Wörn61VfB Stuttgart110030-6-2020

Best Sports scientists

A list with the best available Sports scientists in the Football Manager 2019 Database. We have used the following criteria to create this list:

  • Sports science: 15
  • Preferred job: Sports scientist

NameAgeClubWages p/w (£)Expires
Sebastian Capel32Hamburger SV220030-6-2019
Darragh Connolly40Juventus260030-6-2023
Clemens De Mel26--
Simon Evans28Man Utd100030-6-2020
Christian Fuchs25--
Tim Harkness45Chelsea525030-6-2023
Jamie Harley35Newcastle200030-6-2021
Sergi Jiménez28--
Tom Joel28Leicester50030-6-2021
David Kelly46Man Utd400030-6-2019
Saúl Lantes28--
Luiz Fernando Leite de Barros40Santos100031-12-2021
Marco Luison48Juventus320030-6-2019
Luiz Crescente54Internacional110031-12-2021
Fran Molano36Deportivo190030-6-2021
Sam Moore30Arsenal75030-6-2021
Oliver Morgan31Liverpool50030-6-2019
Michael Müller35Basel120030-6-2019
José Leandro Nunes de Oliveira35Grêmio97531-12-2021
Eduardo Oliveira40FC Porto270030-6-2020
Roberto Chiari49Atlético Mineiro87531-12-2020
Rafael Ros25--
Des Ryan43Arsenal100030-6-2021
Pepe Soler29--
Christian Sommer29--

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