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Top 50 FM18 players in 2027




Venturing the internet you will find there are many lists with talents and wonderkids. But what we often miss is the possible development these wonderkids will have in longer saves. Now, we have to admit that we are also guilty of this flaw. Despite us writing detailed player reports, we aren’t able to write reports for ALL players in FM2018.

But, we were thinking last week and we wanted to try something for our fans. The question we asked ourselves: how would the biggest wonderkids develop? We started FM2018 and simulated multiple saves until 2027. From every single save game, we collected the 100 – based on current ability – best players and put them on a list.

We combined those lists until we managed to create one list, based on the average current abilities of the players in 2027. With those average current abilities, we managed to create one single list with a total of 50 players. Those players can really be seen as the best of the best after 10 years in FM2018.

*IMPORTANT | Remember that this is a list with that shows an average. It can therefore happen that a player on this list will not develop that well in your save. A players’ development could depend on playing time, transfers he made or the injuries he has suffered. Despite that, we think that this list gives a pretty good view of the future world in Football Manager 2018.

The List

The list you will see below will show you only real players, as we excluded all newgens (or regens) from it. The players you see on the list can all be bought in most saves you will play. We have also added the players’ age in 2027, and the ‘average’ Estimated Value they represent after 10 years into the game.

[table id=63 /]

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