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Top 10 transfer budgets in Football Manager 2018




While some of you like to start saves in the bottom of the league or even in one of the lowest possible leagues, some of you just like to splash the cash! With the clubs we present you today, you’ll can buy the best players in the game. With the clubs on this list, you will be able to compete on the highest level, and if not; just buy the best players and then win. This is the list with the top 10 FM18 transfer budgets!

This list shows the top 10 richest clubs in Football Manager 2018. It contains clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. As expected, most clubs on the list feature in the Premier League or in the Primera Divison. But there is also room for a club from a lesser played league in the game; Russia. Also; the Chinese clubs that were added to the list in Football Manager 2017 have disappeared and aren’t on the list anymore.

As we may have expected, none of the clubs on this list break the 100M mark in their transfer budget, nor in pounds nor euros. Also, it is possible to increase the budgets for you club, but that will depend on the expectations you pick when you start at the club and the reputation of your manager.


If you don’t want to get a big transferbudget on a big silver platter, but are someone that likes to build, take a look at our special guide How to make money in Football Manager.

FC BAYERN | £44.574.008 / €49.850.426

ZENIT ST PETERSBURG | £44.574.008 / €49.850.426

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN | £53.488.808 / €59.820.510

REAL MADRID | £53.488.808 / €59.820.510

CHELSEA | £64.000.000 / €71.575.957

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR | £65.000.000 / €72.694.332

FC BARCELONA | £71.318.408 / €79.760.677

LIVERPOOL | £75.000.000 / €83.878.075

ARSENAL | £80.000.000 / €89.469.946

MANCHESTER CITY | £80.000.000 / €89.469.946

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