Thiago Almada




Thiago Almada is a young Argentinian attacking midfielder that shows some amazing potential and has the ability to score scorcher goals from a distance.

Name: Thiago Almada
Nationality: Argentina
Age: 16 (26/04/2001)
Height: 185 cm
 70 kg

Club: Velez Sarsfield
Contract: 30/06/2020
Position: AM (C)
Value: £ 650k / € 750k
Est. Cost: £ 4M / € 5M

Transfer information
We tried to sign Thiago Almada in a test save with Ajax and we managed to agree a transfer with a initial fee of 3.6M and a 40% percentage of profit from next sale. We started with a bid matching his estimate value, Velez responded with a 5.6M counter offer, including a 40% percentage of profit from next sale. After some bidding, we managed to lower their demands with 2M.

Thiago Almada is one of the biggest wonderkids from Argentina. He can improve a lot and if you train him the correct way, you will see fast growth. He possesses a fair amount of pace and he is considered to be a creative player. His personality is balanced and normal. The strongest attribute in his profile is Long Shots, which makes him a constant danger to the opposition.

A con for Almada is his dynamic potential. That makes him a wonderkid in one game, or a decent player in another. Because of his relative young age, he will need to work on his mental attributes, especially consistency. He also needs to do some extra training work in the physical department, where you should focus on strength and overall fitness. If you find some extra time, Almada could improve his Passing as well.

Thiago Almada – 2017


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Thiago Almada – 2022


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Thiago Almada – 2027


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    • That is because his starting height isn’t set in the standard database. It will be different every time you load a save. I didn’t notice it at first, so thanks for the heads up. This is something we will be adjusting in our very own data update, making sure this will be correct 🙂


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