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This list shows all clubs in Football Manager 2018 that have a foreground sugar daddy as a chairman. The clubs you see on the list, are the richest of the richest and you will be swimming in money if you decide to manage them in FM2018.

Some of these clubs aren’t playable in the standard database, but can be added by using a custom database like Claassen’s League Megapack, where you can add the leagues of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arabic Emirates.

Types of Sugar Daddy’s in Football Manager:

Foreground: The ones that have the most rich owners that love to splash the clubs with cash. These owners throw money at the club that the manager will be able to spend on transfers.

Background: These guys love to invest money in the club, but not indefinitely. They would want to try to make the club a championship contender in the league, but eventually it will stop.

Underwriter: They will not invest a lot of money in the club to spend on transfers. But these sugar daddy’s will make sure the club will always survive. They will cover losses if it is needed.

Other types of clubs

If you are more a youth academy type of guy, we have a list that shows you the clubs with the best Youth Academies in FM18. But we also have lists that show the Top 10 Transfer Budgets and the Top 20 Training Facilities.

Foreground Sugar Daddy Clubs in FM18

[table id=61 /]

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