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Journeyman Episode 5: Manager and Tactics




Hi guys and welcome to a new episode of the Journeyman! Today I will be discussing the manager that I have created and his tactical preferences. It will be the last ‘pre-game’ episode and from the next one I will be putting in some Football Manager 2018 stuff! Missed the previous episode? Check it out here before you continue reading!

The Manager

Before I start a new save in Football Manager, I always tend to think about the manager that I am creating. I have been playing as myself for years, but have also tried to play with virtual managers and create a story around their lives. For this story I have chosen to go back to basic and play as myself: Len Wolters.

Who did I create?

Like I said: no virtual Englishmen or Italians, just plain old me. Well, not entirely me. Made a little mistake with the age, i’m not really 20… I completely missed it when creating a manager, only to see it after signing my first contract in this save. I thought about changing it by creating a new manager, but I thought ‘what the hell, lets go with it!’. So, basically I am the youngest ever manager in the world. At least I have one record to my name already..

As you should when you are playing a journeyman save, I have no experience and no badges. That has given me a regional reputation and no coaching qualifications. To ease the pain a bit I decided to be more of a tracksuit coach to increase my coaching attributes and help my coaches on training.

I also added three favourite clubs to my profile; Ajax, Real Madrid and Newcastle United. These three are clubs I support in real life and it is my goal to manage at least one of these clubs during my career. Should be fun to win some trophies with one of these clubs!



Next up: tactics. Being Dutch and an ajax supporter, I always have a preference of a 4-3-3 formation with short play and a lot of movement, especially on the midfield. It will be no surprise that this formation will be my number one pick as a tactic when possible. This formation will always be loaded as one of my tactics and I will always look to sign players to fit into this formation.

In defense I prefer to have a ball-playing defender next to a man-marker, whose main goal is to take pit the opposition’s striker. On both flanks I want to have attacking-minded full-backs that will join in the attack to support the wingers on their side of the pitch. They will need to stay wide when we have the ball to be an option to receive the ball and continue the play either to a midfielder or winger.

The midfield will be three players with a DM and two MC’s. The DM will be the a Deep Lying Playmaker is the one who will be directing the play from the centre of the pitch. Next to him is a Box-to-box midfielder. His task will be to arrive in the box as a second striker when the ball is on the flanks. And finally we have an Advanced Playmaker. I want him to move behind the lone striker and box to box midfielder just outside the box.

The three forwards that I have up front will mostly be two inside forwards and an Advanced Forward. However, it is possible to switch the roles of those Inside Forwards to wingers if I want to have more crosses into the box. Also, I am a bit afraid that the Inside Forwards, Box to Box midfielder and the Advanced Playmaker will be in each others space too much in this formation. Maybe I’ll change that eventually.


The second tactic that I will be using throughout my career is the 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 tactic. I never thought I would be thinking about a tactic like this, but in the last few years I have been falling in love with this formation. I have used it successfully in FM16 and FM17 and I am ready to continue using it.

Three centre-backs and one is the Ball Playing Defender. He will be the starting point of our attacks. Next to him we have a Defensive Centre-back, who will be instructed to take out his opponent and nothing more. The third is a normal / typical defender.

5 players on the midfield, with two wing backs on the flanks. They will be instructed to move on the full flank, crossing in the ball to our forwards. In the center of the pitch I will be using an Anchor Man. His role will be securing the midfield when we go into the attack and lose the ball. I will also be using an Attacking Playmaker who will be playing in the space between our two forwards. He will be joined by a Box to Box midfielder, who I want to move into channels on the flanks, while I also want him to help out the defense.

Up front I have two Complete Forwards, one in an attacking role and one in a supporting role. One will be staying in the middle of the pitch, while I want one to roam the front line, looking for possible spaces. That could be of use when we play with a Counter mentality.

To Close

This concludes Episode 5 of the Journeyman. Next time we will finally be starting the Football Manager content and am I ready to start my save! I thank you all for reading and I hope to see you again next time!

If you want to read back older episodes of this story, make sure to visit the special Story area he at FMInside!

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