Vinicius Junior


Vinicius Junior has attracted some fame in football after Real Madrid splashed the cash on him. A future transfer in FM18, but does that make him less interesting? Not at all!

Name: Vinicius Junior
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 16 (12/07/2000)
Height: 177 cm
 62 kg

Club: Flamengo
Contract: 30/06/2020
Position: AML
Value: £ 2.4M / € 2.8M
Est. Cost: £ 40M / € 45M

Transfer information
Vinicius Junior has a set transfer in Football Manager 2018, but that doesn’t mean the Brazilian wonderkid will be unavailable. He will move towards Real Madrid in 2018 for a record 40M/45M fee. Although he is promised a big future in football, we have seen him struggle at Madrid on more than one occasion. In the test saves we tried, Vinicius transferred out of Madrid almost every time. In one save he was transfer listed after 3 seasons in Madrid and was picked up for 25M/28M by Paris Saint-Germain. After 4 seasons in Paris, he then transferred to FC Bayern, who paid a record 93M for him.

So, be aware that Real Madrid will be looking to off-load Vinicius at one point. Make sure to track him, so you can jump in at the moment the Spanish giants want to get rid of him.

Vinicius Junior has a driven personality and his dribbling abilities make him a difficult opponent t come up against. He possesses a fair amount of pace, can play in more than one position and he is very creative. He has quite some potential and could end up being one of the world super stars!

Vinicius is quite the dribbler, but he won’t be able to keep performing during a full 90 minutes of a game. He lacks the stamina to perform consistently. He should be put on an individual training regime to improve his stamina. Also, he will most likely play as an Inside Forward on the left side of the pitch. He will need to work on his Long Shots and his Heading.

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