Football Manager 2018 Patch 18.1.2 Hotfix

football manager 2018 hotfix 18.1.2

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Sports Interactive have released a second hotfix for Football Manager 2018 to address a couple of stability and performance issues. In order to install the update, you will need to close Football Manager 2018 and re-launch the game to download and install the update. As always, the update is save game compatible, so you don’t have to start a new save to apply the hotfix.

For us at FMInside a good day, as the game has fixed the slowdown when using editor files. Now you can use the FMInside Data Update without any problems.

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  • Fixed crash/freeze during processing
  • Fixed rare crash when joining online game
  • Fixed rare crash when offering player contract
  • Fixed Windows 32-bit crash on launch
  • Improved graphics benchmarking for Windows 32-bit systems
  • Fixed slowdown encountered when running custom data
  • Fixed slowdown whilst editing attributes with IGE


  • Fixed match freeze after tactical changes
  • Fixed ‘Teams Are Warming Up’ dialog showing at incorrect time
  • Fixed replay displaying at incorrect time
  • Fixed missing flashing goal text in Commentary Only
  • Fixed score inconsistency upon completion of network game match
  • Fixed representation of player height in match
  • Fixed invisible players on Mac OS X 10.9 NVIDIA systems
  • Fixed instances of player names not appearing correctly within the match


  • Balanced scouting costs within scouting range
  • Fixed missing league expectations in Belgium



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