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Football Manager 2018 Best Physios

This is the list with the absolute best Physios in Football Manager 2018, created by FMInside.net.

The Physios are a part of the medical team at your club, which have seen some pretty big changes compared to older editions of the game. Nevertheless, the Physios are still playing a very important role in both keeping your players fit and making sure that they recover faster. On the list we created for you, you will find the best available scouts in the original FM18 Database.

We have selected physios that meet the requirements of the following attributes: 20 Physiotherapy, Motivating 10 or higher, Level of Discipline 10 or higher, Determination 10 or higher. We have also made sure that the preferred job of the backroom staff on this list is set to either Physio or Head Physio.

On the list you will find the most basic information needed to sign these physios in FM18. We also added their current basic wages, but keep in mind that some of these physios could have a dynamic wage set in the pregame editor. Some of these wages could differ every time you start a new save.

How many physios should I sign?

Pretty easy; sign as many as your board allows you to. The more physios you have at your club, the faster injured players will be able to recover.

Keeping injuries under control

As we all know, the football season can be long and hard. For big teams that play a lot of games, it could be difficult to keep you squad fit at all times. We have created a set of guides to help you learn to avoid injuries during the season.

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Best physios in FM2018

Abdel Redissi51OL£3,600 p/w30/06/2021
Agostino Santaniello40 --
Alain Ratat45Nîmes£1,000 p/w30/06/2020
Alasdair Beattie48Burnley£1,500 p/w30/06/2020
Alberto Cerqueira45 --
Alberto Lara37Granada£1,500 p/w30/06/2020
Alex Nieper57Chelsea£2,500 p/w30/06/2022
Andrew Nealon41 --
Antonio Fernández Gere41Granada£1,000 p/w30/06/2020
Bert Driessen28 --
Bruno Le Natur55Paris SG£4,800 p/w30/06/2021
Carlos Alberto Presinoti48SPO£1,100 p/w31/12/2020
Carlos Entrena51 --
Carlos Soter46 --
Cătălin Făndel41FCSB£425 p/w30/06/2018
Christian Huhn41Bayern£1,800 p/w30/06/2018
Colin Lewin43Arsenal£3,000 p/w30/06/2022
Damien Vasseur45AS Monaco£4,000 p/w30/06/2021
Daniel Cansino44 --
Daniel Marti33Newcastle£1,500 p/w30/06/2019
Daniel Rung36Frankfurt£1,300 p/w30/06/2018
Dario Garbiero52Juventus£3,500 p/w30/06/2022
Daryl Martin47Brentford£1,000 p/w30/06/2018
Dave Appanah41Tottenham£1,000 p/w30/06/2018
Dave Galley55Al-Ain£575 p/w31/12/2018
Dave Hart34Coventry£800 p/w30/06/2019
Dave Hunt44Birmingham£700 p/w30/06/2018
David Binningsley41Sunderland£800 p/w30/06/2018
David Laga47FCSM£1,000 p/w30/06/2020
Derek Wright61Newcastle£2,500 p/w30/06/2021
Dirk Müller48BMG£1,100 p/w30/06/2018
Emanuele Randelli37Juventus£3,500 p/w30/06/2022
Ezequiel Griguoli41Estudiantes (LP)£725 p/w30/06/2020
Fabiano Bastos40 --
Fernando Lacomba39Málaga£5,000 p/w30/06/2021
Filé55FLU£1,100 p/w31/12/2020
Francesco Chiarenza38Palermo£1,500 p/w30/06/2020
Francesco Tonarelli41Empoli£2,600 p/w30/06/2020
Gaël Pasquer42Paris SG£4,700 p/w30/06/2021
Gerhard Wörn60Stuttgart£1,100 p/w30/06/2020
Gianluca Stesina40 --
Giannicola Bisciotti57Inter£3,200 p/w30/06/2022
Grant Downie49Man City£1,200 p/w30/06/2018
Guilherme Fialho37ATM£1,000 p/w31/12/2017
Hervé Grolleau58AS Monaco£3,900 p/w30/06/2021
Holger Berger62Bremen£900 p/w30/06/2019
Hugo Montenegro52Estudiantes (LP)£750 p/w30/06/2018
Iulian Mircea35Ludogorets£450 p/w30/06/2018
Jacques Thébault45Bordeaux£3,200 p/w30/06/2020
Jaime Roa36 --
Jochen De Coene43Anderlecht£1,800 p/w30/06/2021
Joffrey Plasse42AS Monaco£3,800 p/w30/06/2021
Jorge Bombicino56River£800 p/w30/06/2018
Juan José García Cota51Vigo£425 p/w30/06/2021
Lars Håvard Sæbø49Molde£575 p/w31/12/2017
Laurenţiu Oproiu42 --
Lee Nobes41Man City£3,000 p/w30/06/2019
Luca Ghelli51Bologna£2,000 p/w30/06/2020
Marc Walravens60 --
Marco Dellacasa41Inter£4,100 p/w30/06/2019
Marco Romano32Napoli£3,200 p/w30/06/2022
Mark Gillett46West Brom£5,000 p/w30/06/2020
Mark Taylor52 --
Markus Zeyer49Nürnberg£900 p/w30/06/2018
Massimo Dellacasa57Inter£3,800 p/w30/06/2019
Matilda Lundblad35IF Elfsborg£1,000 p/w30/11/2019
Matteo Viganò43Inter£4,100 p/w30/06/2021
Maurizio Fagorzi57 --
Neil Fitzhenry38 --
Odir de Souza42 --
Olivier Henneuse48Amiens SC£2,500 p/w30/06/2020
Óscar Celada51 --
Pedro Vale30FCP£2,000 p/w30/06/2019
Peter Shaw56Birmingham£1,700 p/w30/06/2018
Philippe Daguillon58FC Nantes£2,900 p/w30/06/2020
Rafael Brito26Vit. Guimarães£750 p/w30/06/2019
Ralf Blume49Hannover£1,100 p/w30/06/2020
Rémy Garcia38OGCN£3,300 p/w30/06/2020
Ricardo Sasaki51SPO£1,200 p/w31/12/2020
Richard Goddard39Arsenal£1,300 p/w30/06/2020
Richard Hernanez62Châteauroux£925 p/w30/06/2020
Rodrigo Kaz41 --
Rosan56 --
Rostyslav Pastushenko55Karpaty£600 p/w30/06/2019
Sergio Gabriel de San Martin46Spartak Moscow£550 p/w30/06/2020
Søren Kaalund58AaB£975 p/w30/06/2020
Stefano Dainelli53Fiorentina£2,700 p/w30/06/2018
Steffen Lutz36Beijing£525 p/w31/12/2019
Swantje Thomßen32Dortmund£1,500 p/w30/06/2018
Telmo Firmino40SLB£5,250 p/w30/06/2018
Thiago Lobo34 --
Tim Williamson46Celtic£6,000 p/w31/05/2018
Tobias Adams35München Lions£775 p/w30/06/2018
Tomás Calero57Real Hispalis£3,900 p/w30/06/2020
Valerio Caroli42Lazio£2,600 p/w30/06/2021
Viktor Vujosevic47Partizan£70 p/w30/06/2020
Vítor Pimenta44Aves£750 p/w30/06/2018
Wolfgang Schwertl47FC Red Bull Salzburg£900 p/w30/06/2018
Zoran Vujic38 --



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