Emre Mor




  • Winger (Right)
  • Emre Mor
  • TurkeyFoot
  • 18 (27/07/1997)
  • 169 CM
  • 63 kg
  • Left
  • Bor. Dortmund
  • £ 10.25M / € 11.5M
  • £ 40M / € 45M
  • £ 17k / € 22k
  • 30/06/2021


Emre More is a new signing at Dortmund and the club would like to hold on to their new wonderkid. The young Turk is one of the most talented right wingers in the game, so expect to pay a bid fee for him. Estimated cost would be around 40/45M for Mor, but it could easily be a lot higher. Is he worth it? We think; yes.


Despite being only 18-years-old, Mor is one of the best dribblers in the game. His Dribbling, Technique, Flair, Acceleration and Agility are very impressive and could only become even better as the game progresses.


Mor is a small player and and he could be having some difficulties if he encounters a physical defender. His strength and balance should be improved. He could also improve his Finishing, Stamina and especially his Pace. Although he is very quick on the first few yards, he will need to improve his top speed.

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