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Sports Interactive have released their final feature video for Football Manager 2018. In this video they will be talking about the improvements they did on the Football Intelligence of the game. They have made improvements to the transfer market, improvements to the board interaction and how your performance as a manager will be judged. Check out the video below for all the features!


The transfermarkt has seen a huge increase in the value of transfers and Football Manager 2018 will follow that trend. Expect to pay more for players in the game. There will be new clauses for transfer, contract and loans to recreate the volatile and modern transfer market.

There is also a big change in the installment payments, as you now have the option to pay a fee every 6 months instead of annually and the option to pay for a transfer in 3 installments. This will make it easier for clubs to stay within the rules of Financial Fair Play.


There are also a lot of improvements on loans. It will be possible to add an option to loan a player until the next transfer window opens, but also options to include a bonus for achievements in the league or cup.


One of the key improvements in this area is the option to set an expiration date for a Minimum Fee Clause. You can also add separate clauses for foreign and domestic clubs.


You can now have multiple types of the same clause in a contract. It is possible to specify salary changes for player after 15 or even 30 matches. These clauses are available for appearances and goal bonuses. You can also have multiple clauses in transfer offers.


The AI Transfers have been given a massive overhaul, as AI managers now tend to look at players form instead of overall potential or ability. Players that had an unexpectedly good season could now earn a big money transfer to one of the big clubs. Also the Squad building by the AI has been improved. AI managers will now be looking at both long-term and short-term needs of their squad. The bigger clubs will be looking at the superstars in football, and young future super stars.

AI Managers will tend to look for players that can have an active role in the first team right away, and move some of the players that are already at the club towards a rotation role or even on the transferlist to make place in the team.

These changes will make the transfer market in FM18 much more competitive and challenging.


New in FM18 is League Performance Tracking. This new AI feature will improve the way AI managers, boards, media, fans and social media will react to your performances in the game. That way your performances during your career will be judged better. Instead of referring back to the club’s expected finishing position at the start of the season, the new system will take more contextual information into account to create a more three-dimensional picture of the season you had.

For example; if you save a club from relegation, your support in the club will increase and the board will be happier with your performances. The performances of your team will also be highlighted during press conferences and will be judged on the in game social media feeds. Fans will be playing a bigger role in this area.

Other FM Feature reveals:



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