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FMInside Discord server

We at Football Manager Inside are proud to announce that we have officially launched our very own server at Discord! This is an application that you can use to chat with other game fanatics from all over the world and FMInside now has its own private server where we can talk about Football Manager!

Would you like to join? Hit the join button below!

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What is discord?

It is a free communication application designed specially for gaming communities. You can talk to other game fanatics on special servers, which are mostly for single game types. Discord can be used to talk through typed text, but also voice chat and even video chat!

How can I join the FMInside Discord?

Use the link above to create an account and automatically join our server. On our server there is room for general chat about Football Manager, but there are also rooms for tactical questions, sharing stories, sharing videos and streams and much more!

We at FMInside truly hope that you will be joining us at Discord soon!

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