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FMInside FM17 Transfer Update Final version

Fed up with playing the previous 2016/2017 season in Football Manager 2017? Well then you will like this data update! The official FMInside Data Update will take your game into the future and into the 2017/2018 season! This is the best data update for Football Manager you will be able to find. Over 19.000 downloads up to this date!

LATEST UPDATE: 14/10/2017

This is the final version of our Transfer Update for Football Manager 2017. All the transfers and changes that have been in the footballing world have been corrected and updated in this version.


  • All transfers!
  • Every playable league in FM2017 has been corrected.
  • Correct clubs will play in the CL/UEL
  • New managers, sacked managers and new contracts.
  • Long term injuries and suspensions have been added.

The FMInside Data Update is one of the most extensive data updates you will find on the internet. We don’t do transfers for the big leagues only, we will do transfers for the lower leagues in England, Turkey, Slovakia and many others.

And that is not it! We alter contracts, managerial changes, wages, squad numbers, captains, stadiums and even add some young and fresh wonderkids to freshen up the game.

The update has over 100.000 changes the original 17.3 database misses. We try to release a new update every week and publish a new data update. With more than 18.000 downloads since the release, the FMI Data Update is one of our most successful downloads.


  1. Download the update by clicking the download button.
  2. Move the .fmf file to the following location:
    Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data/
    If the editor data folder doesn’t exist you can create it yourself.
  3. Open FM2017 and start a new career.
  4. When selecting your database make sure the FMInside Data Update is selected.

*IMPORTANT! Make sure to delete older versions of the update from the editor data folder. The update will be corrupted if you do not delete the old files.

Be aware that using multiple Data Updates simultaneously could result in unexpected errors, corrupted data and crashes.


  1. on this 14th October Update there’s still 2 teams as Real SC (Massamá) (in Portugal) one in the Second Division and one in the Third Division…

  2. happens to me a problem with the update, until the end of the first season everything is going well, in the second season the game does not generate calendar for the championship, I only have games for the European competitions, someone happens the same or knows how to solve this? help me please 🙂

  3. No it does´nt. I deleted everything in that forlder before pasting FMInside into it. I have made databases myself in the past, so i know that when leagues are not correctly changed, if there are too many teams in the league etc etc. then it becomes not playable. So it´s an error in the data of those leagues, and not because i have conflictions with other database files. When i say i have deleted them, i have. Why would i lie to you ? I have played this game since the very beginning, and i am very capable on a computer and with mods and these kinds of updates. I even read all comments on this, before i installed it because i wanted to make sure i followed yours and other users guidelines. And it´s not working. And the dates are 2016 only. Again why would i say it if it is´nt true ?
    And it´s not my hardware either cause i have been playing FM17 since it came out without problems no matter how many leagues i choose. I am on a ASUS ROG gamer, so it´s not that either.
    So this makes my game crash even before i get to playing, and it´s not as you say in the describtion.

    • Select the Update 17.3.0 Database when starting a game and not the standard Football Manager 2017 database. This will solve the problem.

        • I get the same problem when selecting the standard database. But if I select the Update 17.3.0, I have no trouble starting a game and 0 red exclamation marks. So the problem is not the update.

          • No matter what you get, it ain´t working here. Standard, 17.3 whatever. It just crashes, the starting dates are 2016 and 5 leagues are not playable. And i have never had issues with these games and databases from other users before, besides the updates that has been flawed, where leagues were not playable etc….. And i own every game since the first championship manager came out in the early 90´s, and i have been using data updates for years. So if it´s not the update then what ? I know how to use this shit like the back of my hand, so i would´nt say it is´nt working if i have´nt tried everything.

          • It has to be something to do with your version m8 or some things you have installed (maybe some subscriptions through the steam store). I just tested to start a new save 10 times without any files loaded besides the data update and every single time it worked properly and it started without any problems, whilst I’m able to load every single league. And again; the startdates are always 2016. We can’t edit it in that you start in 2017. That is not possible.

  4. It´s not working. I deleted all other files in editor data. Started a new game and picked career. First problem i encountered was that 5 leagues are not pickable. They have red exclamation signs beside them, and when i hold the mouse over them it says, in this example, that the league should contain 20 teams but it now contains 24 teams. Not the correct words but i´m sure you know what i mean. Two of the leagues i can see is Norway and Slovakia. Could´nt figure out the 3 others.
    Second problem. When i chose 5 playable leagues and should select start date of the season it is still only 2016 dates to choose from.
    And finally. When i hit start game and it loaded all the things it has to load before the new game is ready to play, it crashed. Tried 3 times. Same thing every time.
    So for me it´s not working. Hope you guys have more luck, cause it sounded too good to be true that someone made a database like this. And i guess it was just that.

    • Hi m8. If leagues aren’t selectable; you still have some editor data besides our update. So, if you have a red exclamation sign besides them; it means you have some other ‘new’ leagues added in your folder. For example; there is known problem with our update and the files by Claassen. Completely delete all the files from your editor data folder besides the fminside data update. That would solve the problem. 2nd problem: the dates are correct. Its not possible to create a new game which skips the first season.

  5. while I just installed the database and started the game, almost everything looks fine. One major transfer mistake I found was Douglas Costa’s transfer to Juventus, it is actually a loan transfer with agreed fee for future transfer not a complete transfer already. If I find any more mistakes I will make sure to notify FMINSIDE.

    Great job guys, keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Excellent update, the most complete that i have found until now 🙂

    Btw, in the portuguese league Marega is not at loan at Vitoria, he is now on the Porto roster, that’s the only mistake i have found.

    Great work.

  7. The kit number of players transferred in this summer is incorrect and not updated.
    Pleases fix it. Also, it would be better to have the transfer fee record of the players transferred in this summer. For example, Neymar.

  8. So i’ve tried to start a game with this data update. I’ve deleted all the other edited databases from my Footballa Manager folder. After 7 til 14 days after I started my game the game shuts down. Everytime i got the message “Football Manager 2017 stopped working”. First I thought that it was related to the Swedish competions, like Kossimos said. Even without the Swedish database I can’t play the game for more than 2 weeks.

      • Well I’ve tried it at two devices today with only the FMinside update in the editor data folder. I also contacted the SI community and got this reaction:

        “Okay the February 12th crash is related to editor data, it’s a problem with the data which causes the TV based fixtures to have a problem then crash. ”

        Now I’ve started a game with another Data update, not from FMInside, without any problems. I went on holiday and I’m already in the third season without any crashes.

        The fact that i’ve only used the FMInside update and no other updates when the crash happens seems to be related to this database

  9. Hey there. Can u tell me if u can fix AS ROMA players : Kolarov and Moreno, i cant register them before new season 17/18 because Roma already sign foreign players – NON-EU. If u can do this is new patch:) Tnx u are best !

  10. I already follow all instruction that your provided but the game still crash.. the error message said about crash dump. one more thing at the advance setup for select playable league, i found that some league disappear because the editor data has more team than the default data. please give me solution. thanks

    • If leagues cannot be selected when starting a new save, that is because you use custom leagues too. Some of the leagues give an error if you use them with our update. Our advice will always be: only use the FMInside Update, do not combine data updates with new leagues.

  11. Has the player database been corrected too, like players like viniuis junior who signed of madrid, players like mbappe who takes a long time to develop unlike in reality where he is already a star.

    • Hi m8. Make sure to delete older versions of the update before you start a new save. And make sure you don’t use other data updates at the same time.

          • Hi m8. What does the error you get say? Does it crash when the game is setting up or on a later point in the game? I have just tested our most recent update and I worked 10/10 times, so it might be something different. Are there any other downloads you have updated recently? Logos, kits or anything else?

          • It’s in the first week of the game. I’ve started in Sweden, without any job. Then the game crash. I’ve a brand new laptop. So yeah i did installed the new df11, smooth logos and tempo skin from you site. But the graphics do work when i try another db. Thanks for helping me m8.

          • If it doesn’t crash when the new save is loaded, it’s not the database that is conflicting, it’s something else. Difficult to say what is causing the trouble for you. As I said earlier; what is the error you get when the game crashes?

          • Same problem for me. Several times I started my game on February 2017 (Swedish start of the season) and after 7 til 14 days after I started my game the game shuts down. Everytime i got the message “Football Manager 2017 stopped working”

    • Hi m8. Make sure to delete older versions of the update before you start a new save. And make sure you don’t use other data updates at the same time.


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