FM20 Leagues Pack by @Timo@

Football Manager 2020 Downloads Data Updates FM20 Leagues Pack by @Timo@

Megapack by @Timo@ (71 Nations). All updates are made with (at best) the real rules, calendar and structure. Transfers windows calendar are 100% real.

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What is in this version?

Each Updates are realized to correspond (at best) to the REAL RULES of the championships and to the REAL CALENDARS (rules of number, registration of team, premium of classification, right TV …).

  • All Nation add have prime, Real Cup, reserve / U21.
  • Transfers windows calendar are 100% real.
  • All updates are playable at the same time.
  • Rules for Yellow Cards change to 3,6,9,..

Botswana (D2)
Cameroun (D2)
Côte d’Ivoire (D2)
Ethiopie (D2)
Gabon (D3)
R.D.Congo (D2)
Ghana (D2)
Guinée (D3)
Guinée Equatoriale (D2)
Maroc (D4)
La Réunion (D2)
Mayotte (D1)
São Tomé e Principe (D2)
Sénégal (D2)
Tunisie (D3)

Arabie Saoudite (D3)
Bahrain (D2)
Bangladesh (D2)
Corée du Nord (D2)
Emirats Arabe Unis
Hong Kong (D4)
Jordanie (D2)
Koweit (D2)
Macao (D5)
Mariannes du Nord (D3)
Mongolia (D3)
Myanmar (D2)
Népal (D4)
Oman (D3)
Pakistan (D1)
Philippines (D1)
Qatar (D2)
Singapour (D6) With Cosmo League (2 Levels and Cup)
Taiwan (D1) + University
Timor (D4)
Turkmenistan (D2)

Bermudes (D2)
Guadeloupe (D3)
Guyana (D2)
Montserrat (D1)
Saint Pierre et Miquelon (D4)
Suriname (D2)

Brésil(D4) NEW

Andorre (D2)
Belgique (D5)
Bulgarie (D4) NEW
Crimée (D1)
Danemark (D4)
Ecosse (D6) NEW
Espagne (D4)
Estonie (D2)
Féroé (D4)
France (D5) NEW
Islande (D5)
Kazakhstan (D3)
Luxembourg (D4)
Malte (D4)
Pays-Bas (D7) V3 NEW VERSION
Pologne (D4)
Portugal (D4) NEW
Russie (D3)
Suisse (D5)
Turquie (D5) NEW
Ukraine (D3)

Fidji (D2)
New Zeland (D4)
Tahiti (D3) NEW

How to install the Leagues Megapack by Timo

  1. Download & extract files with winrar or another unarchiver
  2. Move the contents of the folder to documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/editor data
  3. Open FM20 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under “Database”, make sure each one of the database is selected.
Owner and administrator at FMInside. Mostly FM-addict & journeyman preacher


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