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5 FM18 features that need improving in FM19

With the recent announcement that Football Manager 2019 will be released on November 2nd this year, I wanted to take a look at what features from Football Manager 2018 could do with improving in Football Manager 2019 (FM19).

1. In-depth training

When you think about what a football manager does, most of his job is spent on the training ground, coaching and improving his players. By that logic, you would think FM would have a huge, detailed and in-depth training system. IN FM18, however, we got a rather lack-lustre training system.

Rather than getting to see how each player is doing in training, and how they are improving or declining as a player, FM18 players get a screen showing what you want the focus of the training to be. This is simply not good enough for a football game as in-depth as FM.

What I would like to see in FM19 would be more focus on individual training and better options as to what you can do in training. Maybe a feature such as training drills or practice matches could be added to make training that much better.

2. Improves player interaction

Whilst the player interaction has improved in recent years in the Football Manager series, it is still nowhere near good enough for a game such as FM.

Some of the reactions from A.I players in FM18 were absolutely ridiculous. Players would often become outraged that you sympathised with their long-term injury.

In FM19, I would like to see improved A.I reactions and more options in player conversations.

3. Improved press conferences

Similar to player interaction in FM18, the options in press conferences in FM18 were just not enough.

At first, there seemed to be so many options of what to say in press conferences, but after you had gone through one, you had gone through them all. Press conferences became tired and you just ended up repeating yourself every week.

What I would suggest in FM19 would be press conferences with agents, players and other members of staff. This would provide more variety and it would allow you to see how a player or agent feels about the club.

4. Improved scouting system

Football Manager 2018 saw a huge change to the scouting system, bringing in scouting packages and a scouting budget.

These changes were well-received mostly, but the scouting system could still do with improving. Scouting in FM18 often feels like a chore, rather than an opportunity to have a look at that 17 year-old Brazilian wonderkid.

Some changes I would suggest would be a more appealing scouting tab, and more scouting updates in the inbox.

5. Better 3d graphics

Football Manager and S.I have made it clear that they want to completely shift the game from 2D to 3D, and that eventually they want to get rid of the 2D match engine altogether.

To do this, the 3D graphics need to massively improve. In FM18, the graphic were blurry and slow, and if you wanted to have anyway decent graphics, you would need some sort of super-computer.

The graphics don’t need to be as good as FIFA or PES, but I would like to see them improve massively in FM19.

So that was 5 things I would like to see improved for FM19, let me know what you think! What would you like to see improved in FM19? Leave a comment below!


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