Feature video number 3 has been released by Sports Interactive today. After the feature announcements of the new Dynamics Engine and the revamped Scouting it’s time to go deeper into the game and talk about the fm18 tactics area. Below you will find the feature video and as time will progress, we will try to analyse the video and give you a written explanation of the new tactical features in the game.


The new tactics screen in FM18 has been completely overhauled compared to older versions of the game. In FM18 there will be a clear difference between tactics and players. In the tactics section is where you select formation, mentality and team shape and deliver team and player instructions. The player section allows you to handle team selection ad change player roles – as well as specifying if you want each member of the team to use the default or personalized player instructions.

It’s now possible to expand, reduce and pin the tactical section of the screen to make the pitch area bigger or smaller, suiting your wishes. When you reduce the tactical section, you are still able to move players around.

The new tactics screen is less cluttered and easier to get a grip on, without losing functionality.


A completely new feature inside the tactics area is the pre-match briefing. These briefings occur on the eve of a match and give you the opportunity to explain to the squad what you want them to focus on in the upcoming match. You can run them through your tactics, player, team and opposition instructions and any changes you have made to your starting eleven or match squad.

Also available is the tactical analysis on the opposition and is viewable inside this area so you can incorporate elements of these into the briefing.

You will be able to gauge the reactions of the squad to everything you say on the main meeting screen as well.

And if you don’t like to do the briefing yourself, you can always ask your assistant manager to handle the briefing for you.


Analysis has also been given a bigger part inside the tactical area of FM18. On the main tactics screen you will able to see positives and negatives from your most recent matches. This will allow you to alter your instructions or player roles in order to get rid of the negatives.

The grid overlay shows areas of potential exposure, taking into account the formation and roles set for each player. Areas that are red or orange show where you are particularly vulnerable. The analysis also highlights partnerships between your players. This takes into account factors such as selected roles and recent performances. For example; players who have been successfully stringing together passes or creating opportunities for each other will be highlighted with a green connecting line, indicating a strong partnership. This will be made possible by the new dynamics engine.


Some new player roles will make their debut in FM18. The Segundo Volante looks to support in both attack and defense from the defensive midfield position, while the Mezzala and Carrilero roles are new additions in the central midfield. The Mezzala operates centrally, but strives to get into positions that an inside forward would usually occupy. The Carrilero shuttles between midfield lines. The final new role is the Inverted Winger, which can be applied on either left or right midfielders.

Some of the existing roles have been given some tweaks. The Trequartista role can now be given to players on the AML or AMR position. Inverted Wingbacks now have both Attacking and Defensive duties.






There are also various new player and team instructions. You can ask your team for the underlap in the final third, while in the player instructions menu you can instruct players to mark a specific position and ask central players to run wide with the ball.


FM18 has several new Player Preferred Moves or Player Traits. With one of the new PPM’s you can ask defenders to bring the ball out of defense into the midfield. Players who do this in real life are Jan Vertonghen and Virgil van Dijk.


You have more choices on free kicks in the Set Piece editor, with the ability to set different free kicks bases on where the free kick is being taken from.