FM18: a closer look at the new features

fm18 in-depth look new features

With the first FM18 feature video landing last week (which was a lot shorter and showed a lot less than SI’s FM17 feature reveal) we have taken a closer look at the new features. In this article we will talk you through the new features, making it easier to understand what these new features are and will do for the game.


This has been posted by SI as the new and biggest feature up til now. With the new Dynamics system the game will create a virtual world inside your game that will be more on the mental side of football. With Dynamics you will be able to see the hierarchy in your squad, which will show you your most influential players inside the squad. There is also an area that focuses on Social Groups within the squad. This determines which players are close and who are getting along on and off the pitch. In this area you will be able to monitor squad happiness and  you should be able to intervene when players collide and starting to dislike each other.


A much needed improvement in Football Manager. The medical centre will allow the player more information about injuries. It is now easier to monitor which players are injured, how long they will be out and what kind of treatment they are undergoing. It is also possible to see which players have returned to training after an injury. But more importantly; you are able to see which players get injured the most. That way you will see the injury prone players more easily. It is not yet clear which role the last year introduced Sports Scientist will have in this area, but we think this staff role will play a bigger part in FM18.


The scouting department has been given a big overhaul this year. This should now better reflect how real clubs actually find players. The Data Analysts will play a key role in finding new players. Whilst this role was added in FM17, the function of the analyst remained a bit unclear. In FM18 he will play a much bigger role.


Sending scouts away on a scouting assignment costs you money. That has been the case in many other versions as well. But for the first time SI has added this to the scouting area in the game. When you send a scout away on an assignment, you will see multiple ‘packages’ to select from. The costs for these packages will vary. Sending a scout over the world will be more expensive than a local search assignment. Although the big clubs will not be bothered by some extra money, for Lower League fanatics this is a cool way to keep a better track on your finances.


SI wouldn’t be SI if they wouldn’t be adding new stuff to the tactical system of Football Manager. Although the screenshot we saw in the video was a bit fuzzy, SI did confirm some new improvements. These include a new look for the tactical screen and creator. And they added new options to the player & team instructions. There is also a confirmation on new player roles, although it’s not clear how many new roles there will be.


In the feature video Miles Jacobsen confirmed that FM18 will be using a new graphical engine. There has been some improvements on player movement with the use of motion capture. There has also been a major improvement on stadium design and the outside area of the stadiums you play in. On the screenshot below you should be able to see new ad boards (looks like video and led ad boards). They also added new and more stadium designs, which will make the game feel less repetitive on longer saves.


This area has been improved on the graphics department and it has some improvements on the flow of the draft. It will be easier to create your own draft competition with friends.


This wil now be using attribute cards, which will make it easier and faster to select your squad and see how your players’ qualities are.

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