FM18 Feature video: Sports Scientists


Sports Interactive dropped a new feature video this Sunday. This time the video is all about the Sports Scientists and their much bigger role in the game. The new backroom staff member was introduced last year in FM2017 and he didn’t had a big role. This will all change in FM2018.


One of the first new things you will see in FM2018 is the dedicated Medical attributes in the backroom staff profiles. Sports Scientists now have a attribute called ‘Sports Science’.


Your medical team will have a much bigger role in Football Manager 2018 and they will be providing you more information about your club’s current injury situation as well as advising you about how to avoid injuries occurring in training. The bigger role for the Sports Scientist starts over in the Medical Centre, you can view the feedback from your medical team which is your one-stop shop for everything related to the fitness of your squad.

You will find 5 different panels inside the Medical Centre offering the most detailed insight and analysis of your team’s condition in the series’ history.


The first of the panels is the Overview panel. This shows you who in the squad is currently injured, which players have returned from injury and any players that are at an increased risk of picking up an injury. At the top of the screen you will also see an assessment from your Sports Science team about your current training workload, your injury record compared to the rest of the league and any changes you can make to your training methods to avoid injuries ahead of upcoming fixtures.


Second is the risk assessment panel. Here you will have the insight to reduce the likelihood of injuries during training. This panel shows you your upcoming fixtures and current team workload, allowing you to match the intensity of your training to your upcoming matches. Your Sports Scientists will point out to you when it would be best to lighten training, or harden it. This will help you keep your players healthy longer.

This panel also gives you information on each player in your squad’s susceptibility to injury, overall injury risk, current workload in both training and matches and their general condition.

From here you can go deeper into the player’s individual medical report to see their injury history and injury status as well as any parts of the body that are currently affected by an injury, treatment that they are receiving and the time until they can return to training.

ent injury status of your team.


This screen lists details on every injury that your squad picked up over the current season including: the treatment that was used and how long the player was sidelined for. On the top of the screen you will be able to see a comparison of your current injury situation compared to the league average as well as a graph showing a year-on-year comparison of the number of injuries your team has suffered.

Here you will also see a snapshot of which players have missed the most action over the past 12 months.


For a more detailed view of this list, you’ll want to head to the Season summary panel. This breaks down the number of injuries each squad member has suffered this season compared to the previous campaign and the time and percentage of action that the have missed.


There is also a panel for currently injured players. This shows detailed information about the current injured players, how they are treated, in which phase they are in their recovery and his expected return to team training.


All these panels can be filtered to suit your needs. You will be able to view the injuries of your U21 team, your U19 team or all the teams together.


If you do not like or have the time to visit the medical centre on a frequent basis, you also have the option to receive items in your inbox. These will help you see how you compare to other clubs in the league injury wise, but also the most basic information you need about the current injury status of your team.

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