Sports Interactive has released a second feature video. After they showed us the new dynamics feature in an earlier video, it is now time to look at the new scouting engine. The area of scouting has been completely revamped for FM18. Many real life clubs use the Football Manager database and to get closer to real life scouting, the guys at SI had made this area the most authentic scouting system the series has ever seen.

To start scouting in FM18, you start in the Scouting Centre. On the overview page you can see which players are recommended to scout from all your backroom staff members and even your players. Some times Free agents could send you a message about themselves to sign them.

As a part of the recommendation, you will see a report card for each player. On this report card you will see a number appear inside a magnifying glass. This reflects the players’ score from your scouting team. If this hits a 100, it will give you a more accurate verdict of a players quality. The score will fluctuate as your scout a player more intensively.


FM18 introduces two types of scouting focuses. A general focus gives your scouts a general idea of the player you are looking for. Your scouts will look for players in that profile over an indefinite timeline.

The short-term focus could be a feature that is used more around transfer windows. This will gives scouts the assignment to quickly find a new player for you. When you select this focus, your scouts will drop their current assignments and will immediately start looking for players with your short-term wishes.


For the first time in Football Manager history, scouts will now have a budget before going out into the world. These budgets will be taken from your transfer and wage budgets, so spend them wisely.


Also completely revamped is the player search screen inside the scouting centre. This are functions as a database, instead of a list of players. The size of your database will depend on the ‘scouting packages’ you have available. These packages vary from local (which are cheaper) to worldwide (the more expensive packages). There will be multiple packages to select from, depending on the budget you have available.

There are also specific packages for youth scouting and the budgets you put into those packages are all up to you. If you would like to search a player in the database, simply filter your wishes and the players that suit your wishes will be shown.

These new packages mirror the type of investments real clubs have to make to find the players to scout and possibly sign. With this new way of creating a database, scouting will be more difficult than before. It will be harder to find potential wonderkids and world-class players.


The Data Analyst was introduced last year and at first his job was quite simple. In FM18 this role has become more important. You can now ask them to scout a player and they will send you a detailed report of their key stats. On the top of the Analysts report, you will see any other scouting information about the player before you see the statistical data.

The main focus of this report will be the difference between positive and negative statistics during the season. This way you will be able to see if a player meets your standards of short passing, or the fact he will send more incomplete passes than you would like.

By using the scout reports and the data analyst report, you will be able to create a much more completed picture of a player than ever before. If you use both of them correctly, you will never have a poor signing again! But, be aware that this is a pretty intensive job to fulfill in Football Manager.


In FM18 you will able to invest in Data Analysis facilities at your club. Improving these will increase the detail level of the analysis. The Data facilities can be upgraded in the same way you are used to in older versions of the game.


The Data Analysts will also report on your next opposition and these have been massively improved on FM18. The new report will not only show you the possible starting eleven of your opponent, but it will also show their strengths and weaknesses for you to exploit. A new key feature will be the role identifier. Your analyst will report on the roles the opposition players will have assigned.


Well this is all we have on the new scouting area in Football Manager 2018. During the video SI also confirmed some other improvements on scouting, without going in on them. These improvements will affect:

  • International scouting
  • A revamped shortlist
  • new scouting assignments for eligible players, individual matches or entire continents
  • ability to scout outside of scouting range for a fee

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