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FM18 essential downloads

So you have just installed Football Manager 2018 and are ready to step in the virtual football world for the first time. But, hold your horses there for a second. Before you start up your first save in Football Manager 2018, you might want to get your game updated to be even better than the original!

We are talking about database updates, new leagues, graphical add-ons and most importantly; a real name fix for real competition and club names and a fix to activate the national teams of Germany and Japan. In this article we will show some essential downloads to enhance your Football Manager 2018 experience.

Real name fix

One of the first things you would want to is apply a real name fix to make sure the competition names and club names are repaired. You don’t want to win the Champions Cup or the Euro Cup, do you? You want to win the Champions League, challenge for the Premier League and try to fight your way through the UEFA Europa League.

We have our own real name fix available here at FMInside for you to download.

FMInside Transfer Update

Although the database of Football Manager is incredibly accurate, there are always things that are missed. And that is where we come in! We have a data updater who does some amazing work on the original database. He corrects missed transfers, managerial changes, new signed contracts, club & kit colors and more. We started to release this update in July 2017 and from that moment the update has been downloaded more than 25.000 times. In 2018 we will continue our hard work, bringing you the most updated data available for the game.

Download the FMInside Data Update for Football Manager 2018.


Next thing you should be doing is installing a facepack. We at FMInside have an affiliate with the best Facepack creator in the community: DF11. We use this facepack in all our scout reports and scoutlists and we really feel this is the best pack available for the game. The guys over dat DF11 release a new update every month and the base megapack already hase over 90.000 faces available. If you want to add realism to Football Manager, you really need this download.

Download the DF11 2019 Megapack.


After you have downloaded all the faces from the DF11 Megapack and updates, it is time to move on to the clubs. There are multiple logopacks available for Football Manager and every pack has its own unique style. Here at FMInside we have partnered up with TCM. We will be using their logos in our articles and we must say; these logos are looking amazing! So, obviously we will be recommending the TCM Logopack to download.

Look for the TCM 18 Megapack in our download area.


Once the logo- and facepack are installed, it is time to add even more realism to your game! Add some kitpacks to your copy of Football Manager 2018! The best looking kit pack out there are without a doubt the FC’12 Kit packs, created by FMSlovakia. They use a unique style, which gives the kits a very realistic look. The large images give the custom kits an amazing look and feel and really do feel like the real thing.

Check out the FC’12 2019 Kitpacks.


You can always alter the look and feel of Football Manager by adding a custom skin. We have a wide range of different skins available at FMInside and we will be adding new skins as soon as they are published. Custom skins will have some extra additions compared to the base skins. You not only have some graphical enhancements, but also the ability to change backgrounds, an instant result button and many more.

Look for custom Football Manager Skins.

Other downloads

Also look for Claassens megapack to add dozens of new countries and leagues to your copy of Football Manager.


    • Hey Tom, for the update you’ll need to start a new game. Skins, facepacks and kits can be loaded into a new save. Just put the correct files in the correct folder and reload your skin.


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