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Football Manager 2018 Best Scouts

If you love to play longer saves in Football Manager, a good scouting team is considered as vital to keep your team performing. These lads will be searching the globe for you, trying to find that new Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

To create this list we have used the official Football Manager 2018 database and have searched the ingame staff search tool to find the best available scouts in the game. The scouts you see on this list all have the required attributes set at 15 or higher. That way you will know for sure that signing any of these scouts will be a good signing.

On the FM18 Best Scouts list we have also added the basic set wage for all the scouts. We would like to remind you that some of these wages aren’t pre-filled at the start of the game. That means a scout’s wages can differ in every new save you start.

The columns in the list are all sortable and we have a live search option. That way you can easily find the scouts you are looking for.

Also; if you like to learn more about scouting in general and how to set up a scouting network, please have a look at some of our special guides:

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* Some scouts will not appear in the save you play. These scouts will only appear when you select a large database with a large number of nations and leagues selected.

Abel Almada68Patronato£650 p/w30/06/2020
Alberto Rendo77San Lorenzo£750 p/w30/06/2020
Alfonso Garcés76Universidad Católica£375 p/w31/12/2019
Alfredo Femiano38Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2019
António Lima Pereira65FCP£2,700 p/w30/06/2019
Antonio Lopez58 --
Aurélio Pereira69Sporting£5,250 p/w30/06/2019
Barry Hunter48Liverpool£3,000 p/w30/06/2018
Bryan King70Aston Villa£1,300 p/w30/06/2020
Carlos Paniza51Mallorca£500 p/w30/06/2019
Carlos Vargas39A.C. Milan£7,750 p/w30/06/2022
Chris Welman42Southampton£400 p/w30/06/2019
Christian Möckel44 --
Claudio Sclosa56Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Dave Fallows57Liverpool£4,000 p/w30/06/2018
David Mills65Leicester£1,800 p/w30/06/2020
David Trezeguet39Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2022
David Williams47Man Utd£1,400 p/w30/06/2019
Derek Langley56 --
Domenico Donvito39Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2022
Domenico Zinfollino44Roma£3,500 p/w30/06/2021
Douglas Gramani30SEP£1,000 p/w31/12/2020
Egon Coordes72Bayern£1,800 p/w30/06/2018
Emilio Doveri61Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2020
Ermanno Ferrari68Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2018
Everton Gushiken41Arsenal£900 p/w30/06/2021
Fabio Artico43Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Fabio D'Amico44Chievo£2,900 p/w30/06/2018
Fernando Gomes60FCP£2,700 p/w30/06/2019
Filiberto Giampà56Empoli£1,500 p/w30/06/2020
Florian Maurice43OL£4,100 p/w30/06/2021
Francis Cagigao48Arsenal£2,000 p/w30/06/2018
Franco Fontana72Inter£2,900 p/w30/06/2018
Fulvio Mason40A.C. Milan£7,750 p/w30/06/2022
Gabriel Wainer47Udinese£3,200 p/w30/06/2020
Gary Worthington50Man City£3,500 p/w30/06/2020
Geoff Watson57Man Utd£2,000 p/w30/06/2018
Gérard Bonneau63OL£3,600 p/w30/06/2020
Gerardo Guzmán41Man Utd£2,500 p/w30/06/2019
Gerry Kelly56Chelsea£1,000 p/w30/06/2022
Gianfranco Cicchetti37Napoli£2,600 p/w30/06/2018
Gianmarco Polizzi43A.C. Milan£3,900 p/w30/06/2021
Gilles Grimandi46Arsenal£2,500 p/w30/06/2018
Giovanni Rosignoli48Juventus£3,500 p/w30/06/2022
Giuseppe Dello Russo41A.C. Milan£8,000 p/w30/06/2022
Giuseppe Dragone48Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2019
Giuseppe Lupo40Lazio£2,700 p/w30/06/2019
Giuseppe Pompilio39Napoli£3,600 p/w30/06/2022
Gonzalo Martínez Olivares68R. Madrid£14,250 p/w30/06/2022
Heiner Schuhmann68Dortmund£1,700 p/w30/06/2018
Hugo Magnani51San Lorenzo£775 p/w30/06/2020
Ian Broomfield67 --
Javier Ribalta44Man Utd£3,000 p/w30/06/2021
Jim Lawlor52Man Utd£5,000 p/w30/06/2018
João Luís Afonso50Paris SG£4,500 p/w30/06/2022
John Owen61 --
Jorge García39 --
Jorge Gomes60SLB£5,250 p/w30/06/2019
José Boto51SLB£5,250 p/w30/06/2019
José Luis Calderón40Málaga£8,000 p/w30/06/2021
José Mayorga39Man Utd£1,200 p/w30/06/2019
Josep Boada55Barcelona£12,750 p/w30/06/2022
Juan Mauricio Echeverria34Man Utd£1,000 p/w30/06/2019
Juarez Fischer56SEP£1,800 p/w31/12/2020
Juni Calafat44R. Madrid£14,000 p/w30/06/2022
Jürgen Kost48Arsenal£1,200 p/w30/06/2022
Kevin Cruickshank41Stoke£1,000 p/w30/06/2020
Laurent Busser47Leverkusen£1,300 p/w30/06/2018
Lluís González48Barcelona£13,750 p/w30/06/2022
Lorenzo Balestro63Chievo£3,100 p/w30/06/2020
Malcolm Elias63Fulham£6,000 p/w30/06/2018
Marcelo50OL£3,900 p/w30/06/2021
Marco Albergati47Roma£2,700 p/w30/06/2019
Martyn Glover60Everton£4,500 p/w30/06/2021
Massimiliano Colucci46Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2022
Matteo Vairo29Lazio£3,200 p/w30/06/2019
Maurizio Niccolini43Fiorentina£3,200 p/w30/06/2019
Mike Crompton39Liverpool£1,500 p/w03/06/2018
Nils Schmäler47Man Utd£1,000 p/w30/06/2018
Nol de Ruiter77FC Utrecht£1,100 p/w30/06/2018
Omar Sciolla48Man Utd£1,000 p/w30/06/2019
Pablo Longoria30Juventus£4,100 p/w30/06/2022
Paco Cordobés47A. Madrid£6,750 p/w30/06/2021
Paolo Mussi46Empoli£1,300 p/w30/06/2020
Paul Mitchell35 --
Peter Braund50Tottenham£1,500 p/w30/06/2020
Peter Clark37Arsenal£1,200 p/w30/06/2018
Pierluigi Casiraghi75Inter£3,800 p/w30/06/2022
Pietro Pacini47Fiorentina£3,200 p/w30/06/2019
Radu Baicu37AS Monaco£4,100 p/w30/06/2018
Rafa Monfort54Udinese£2,000 p/w30/06/2020
Rafael Perrone62Danubio£650 p/w30/06/2018
Ramón Maddoni77Boca£725 p/w30/06/2021
Ramón Vázquez53Sevilla£13,000 p/w30/06/2022
Raymond Mommens58Club Brugge£6,750 p/w30/06/2020
Ricardo Correia44FLU£925 p/w31/12/2019
Ricardo Moar63Coruña£2,000 p/w30/06/2020
Robbie Cooke60Sunderland£1,800 p/w30/06/2018
Roberto Bosco55Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2019
Roberto Brovarone52Juventus£2,900 p/w30/06/2019
Roberto Policano53Udinese£2,600 p/w30/06/2019
Roberto Vichi38Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2022
Rod Ruddick74Southampton£500 p/w30/06/2019
Rubén Mato37Man City£5,750 p/w30/06/2022
Rudi Wojtowicz61Wolfsburg£1,800 p/w30/06/2020
Rudolf Zbinden58Basel£1,800 p/w30/06/2021
Salim Benahcene43Liverpool£500 p/w30/06/2021
Sebastian Arnesen35Man City£1,000 p/w30/06/2018
Sebastian Pait49Vélez£625 p/w30/06/2020
Simon Wells41Man Utd£1,000 p/w30/06/2019
Simone Roia46Udinese£2,600 p/w30/06/2019
Sixto Alfonso50R. Madrid£14,250 p/w30/06/2022
Stefano Cappelletti58Fiorentina£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Stefano Pinelli42Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Steve Rowley58Arsenal£5,250 p/w30/06/2022
Steven Houston36Sunderland£5,000 p/w30/06/2018
Sven Mislintat44Dortmund£6,000 p/w30/06/2019
Tommy Miller70Spennymoor£100 p/w30/06/2018
Toni Lima46Inter£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Toninho Cruz48 --
Tony Banfield75Arsenal£1,200 p/w30/06/2021
Tony Henry59West Ham£5,000 p/w30/06/2020
Valentino Angeloni50Atalanta£2,900 p/w30/06/2019
Víctor Arroyo46San Lorenzo£750 p/w30/06/2020
Victor de los Santos53Celaya£150 p/w30/06/2020
Vincenzo Iacoviello39Lazio£2,700 p/w30/06/2019
Vittorio Quagliarella45Juventus£3,200 p/w30/06/2018
Waldemar Wrobel47Dortmund£1,500 p/w30/06/2019
Willibert Kremer77Leverkusen£2,100 p/w30/06/2018
Wolfgang Geiger59RBL£1,100 p/w30/06/2019
Wolfgang Grobe61Bayern£1,700 p/w30/06/2019


  1. Please add Jakob Friis-Hansen (50 year old Danish scout), Marijan Kovacevic (43 year old Croatian scout), Paulo Menezes (49 year old Portuguese scout), Paolo Tremolada (43 year old Italian scout) and Vasiliki Pappa (37 year old Greek female scout), John Park (55 year old Scottish scout) to the list

  2. Hi,

    Interesting list, Unfortunately after I went through about 90% of the list I found just one person interested in joining my Premiership team.




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