Strongest Players

Sometimes Technique and Footballing Skills just isn't enough. Sometimes you want a player to be a real powerhouse. A forward that can force his way through the defense, simply by his amazing physique, a defender that can own any striker they encounter, simply by winning every challenge or a defensive midfielder that will roam the pitch looking for that tackle to make. This Football Manager 2017 Scoutlist contains the Strongest Players in the game, so prepare for the power!


One of the more interesting players on this list could be Virgil van Dijk. The young Dutch defender made a transfer to Southampton from Celtic last season and he has been impressing ever since, even making his debut for the Dutch national team. It is even said the 24-year-old Van Dijk could make a January transfer to one of the Top flights in the Premier League. He combines power with skill, which makes him very interesting.


Name Club Nation Age Value Position
Nahuelpán, Ariel Internacional arg.png  ARG 28 1.330.060 ST(C)
Van Hout, Kristof Westerlo bel.png  BEL 29 392.410 GK
Grafite Santa Cruz bra.png  BRA 37 233.490 ST(C)
Jardel Confiança (SE) bra.png  BRA 33 1.410 M(C)
Deli, Simon Slavia Prague civ.png  CIV 24 817.330 D(C), DM
Ngadeu-Ngadjui, Michael Slavia Prague cmr.png  CMR 25 608.740 D(C), DM
Samba, Christopher Panathinaikos cod.png  COD 32 185.360 D(C)
Sami, Joël US Orléans cod.png  COD 31 316.500 D(C)
Waston, Kendall Vancouver crc.png  CRC 28 833.310 SW, D(C)
Milovic, Goran Chongqing cro.png  CRO 27 1.851.730 D(C)
Palecek, Lukas Trinec cze.png  CZE 35 4.350 GK
Grigar, Tomas Teplice cze.png  CZE 33 373.810 GK
Danek, Michal Slovacko cze.png  CZE 32 42.690 GK
Ijaha, David Plymouth eng.png  ENG 26 62.100 DM
Araba, Hakeem Falkenbergs FF eng.png  ENG 26 40.220 ST(C)
Pagola, Mikel Tudelano esp.png  ESP 34 19.850 GK
Ciani, Michaël FC Lorient fra.png  FRA 32 660.120 D(C)
N'Diaye, Alassane ASM Belfort fra.png  FRA 26 183.530 DM
Unnerstall, Lars Düsseldorf ger.png  GER 25 799.700 GK
Morgan, Wes Leicester jam.png  JAM 32 2.852.230 D(C)
Zeefuik, Género Balikesirspor ned.png  HOL 26 50.710 ST(C)
van Dijk, Virgil Southampton ned.png  HOL 24 29.589.860 D(C)
Esiti, Anderson AA Gent nga.png  NGA 22 2.383.540 DM
Akinfenwa, Adebayo Wycombe nga.png  NGA 34 9.160 ST(C)
Anichebe, Victor Sunderland nga.png  NGA 28 5.293.820 ST(C)
Stafford, Mark Linfield nir.png  NIR 28 35.480 D(C)
Engen, Christoffer Strindheim nor.png  NOR 27 2.180 D(C), DM, M(RLC)
Grunnvoll, Vebjørn Finnsnes nor.png  NOR 22 5.520 ST(C)
Gueye, Papa Rostov sen.png  SEN 32 707.890 D(C)
Sankaré, Khalifa Cádiz sen.png  SEN 31 189.930 D(C)
N'Diaye, Alfred Villarreal sen.png  SEN 26 6.049.980 DM
Veselinovic, Dalibor KV Mechelen ser.png  SRB 28 654.680 ST(C)
Hediger, Dennis Thun sui.png  SUI 29 1.013.620 M(C)
González, Mikael Ytterby IS swe.png  SWE 25 2.190 D(C)
Khacheridi, Eugene Dynamo Kyiv ukr.png  UKR 28 13.301.340 D(C)
Imerekov, Maxym Torpedo Zhodino ukr.png  UKR 25 2.860 D(RC)
Mbesuma, Collins Highlands Park zam.png  ZAM 32 22.090 ST(C)


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