Players you do NOT want to sign

Have you ever signed a player for millions who then gets injured and never plays? It could be one of the biggest frustrations on Football Manager. Off course; sometimes this could be just bad luck, but some players have the tendency to get injured more often than others. That are the players who have a high Injury Proneness. 



Injury Proneness is a hidden attribute on Football Manager and can only be spotted by scouting a player or looking at a players Pros and Cons report card. The attributes can vary like all the other attributes between 1 and 20. In this special case, having a low value is positive, a high value is negative. The higher the value, the higher the chance for a player to pick up an injury.



The list you see below contains a series of players with a HIGH Injury Proneness value of at least 18. That makes the players on the list a big risk when signing for either a large fee or a long-term high paid contract. Our advice would be; avoid signing these players, because they will frustrate you by picking up injury after injury. And if you are managing the club they play for; sell them as quickly as possible!


Name Club Nation Age Position
Quiroga, Raúl Atl. Unión (VK) arg.png  ARG 27 AM (L)
Blanco, Domingo Independiente arg.png  ARG 21 AM (RLC)
Suárez, Matías Belgrano arg.png  ARG 28 AM (RLC), ST (C)
Menseguez, Juan Carlos Juv. Unida (Gualeguaychú) arg.png  ARG 32 AM (RL), ST (C)
Gioda, Leandro Douglas Haig arg.png  ARG 31 SW, D (C)
Romagnoli, Leandro San Lorenzo arg.png  ARG 35 AM (LC)
Aimar, Pablo Estudiantes (Río IV) arg.png  ARG 36 AM (C)
Williams, Rhys Perth Glory aus.png  AUS 27 D (C), DM
D'Haene, Karel - bel.png  BEL 35 SW, D (C)
Timmermans, Nicolas Eupen bel.png  BEL 33 D (RC)
Legear, Jonathan Standard bel.png  BEL 29 AM (R)
Matton, Thomas AA Gent bel.png  BEL 30 AM (RLC)
De Petter, Steven STVV bel.png  BEL 30 D (C), DM
Colpaert, Steve Antwerp bel.png  BEL 29 D (RC), DM
Adriano Miami United bra.png  BRA 34 ST (C)
Jajá Coelho Lokeren bra.png  BRA 30 AM (LC), ST (C)
Sandro QPR bra.png  BRA 27 DM
Gabriel - bra.png  BRA 27 D (C)
Júlio Baptista Orlando City bra.png  BRA 34 AM/ST (C)
Soumahoro, Yaya Muangthong Utd civ.png  CIV 26 AM (RLC), ST (C)
Chago, Mathias Foulad cmr.png  CMR 33 DM
Lépicier, Maël Roeselare cod.png  COD 30 D (C)
Rivas, Nelson - col.png  COL 33 SW, D (RC)
Andreasen, Leon - den.png  DEN 33 D (C), DM
Rise, Lasse Lyngby den.png  DEN 30 AM (RL), ST (C)
Pedersen, Nicklas Oostende den.png  DEN 28 AM/ST (C)
Hibbert, Tony - eng.png  ENG 35 D (R)
Richards, Micah Aston Villa eng.png  ENG 28 D (RC)
Guthrie, Danny Blackburn eng.png  ENG 28 M (C)
Hutchinson, Sam Sheff Wed eng.png  ENG 26 D (C), DM
Wallace, James Sheff Utd eng.png  ENG 24 DM
Markel Real San Sebastián esp.png  ESP 30 DM
Pander, Christian - ger.png  GER 32 D/WB/AM (L)
Bargfrede, Philipp Bremen ger.png  GER 27 DM
Kittel, Sonny Ingolstadt ger.png  GER 23 AM (RLC)
Khedira, Sami Juventus ger.png  GER 29 DM
Asamoah, Kwadwo Juventus gha.png  GHA 27 WB (L), M (LC)
Gibson, Darron Everton irl.png  IRL 28 DM
Brighi, Matteo Perugia ita.png  ITA 35 DM
Chihi, Adil Frankfurt Erlenbruch mar.png  MOR 28 AM (RL)
Boerrigter, Derk - ned.png   HOL 29 AM (L)
Obasi, Chinedu AIK nga.png  NGA 30 AM (RL), ST (C)
Anichebe, Victor Sunderland nga.png  NGA 28 ST (C)
Etuhu, Dickson AIK nga.png  NGA 34 DM
Santa Cruz, Roque Olimpia par.png   PAR 34 ST (C)
Marques, André - por.png  POR 28 D/M (L)
Ferreira, Flávio - por.png  POR 24 D (C), DM
Salomão, Diogo Mallorca por.png  POR 27 AM (RL), ST (C)
Sheppard, Dillon Wits rsa.png  RSA 37 D/WB/M (L)
Pienaar, Steven Sunderland rsa.png  RSA 34 AM (RLC)
Forrest, James Celtic sco.png   SCO 24 AM (RL)
Bolat, Sinan Nacional da Madeira tur.png  TUR 27 GK
Korkishko, Dmytro Chornomorets ukr.png  UKR 26 AM (RLC), ST (C)
Martínez, Jorge Juventud de Las Piedras uru.png  URU 33 AM (RLC), ST (C)
Williams, Jonny Ipswich wal.png  WAL 22 AM (C)

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