Best Scouts

If you like to play long term saves on Football Manager, having a cracker scouting set-up is absolutely vital. You will need a large team to cover all the important nations and leagues from all over the world. On the list below you will see the best scouts available on Football Manager 2017. These scouts all have the required attributes set on 15 or higher, so you only see the best of the best.


We have also added the wage these scouts currently earn per week. That way you can easily spot if you are able to sign them!



And after you have signed the best scouts for your club, make sure to read our two scout guides! We explain the different kind of jobs a scout can do and we explain how to set up your own Scouting network, helping you finding the best Wonderkids and regens possible!


Note; Some scouts will not appear in every save you play. These scouts will only appear when you select a large database with a large number of nations and leagues selected.


Name Team Age Nation Wage
Carotti, Juan Carlos San Lorenzo 74 bra.png  ARG 820
Budna, Pablo - 39 bra.png  ARG 0
Gilmar Francisco CEC 49 bra.png  BRA 1.190
Olsen, John Steen Ajax 73 bra.png   DEN 3.630
Newman, Rob Man City 52 bra.png  ENG 580
Rowley, Steve Arsenal 57 bra.png  ENG 6.030
Fallows, Dave Liverpool 55 bra.png  ENG 4.640
Bennett, Bobby Arsenal 60 bra.png  ENG 1.390
Clarke, Ray - 63 bra.png  ENG 0
Buisine, Jean-Luc Stade Rennais FC 54 bra.png  FRA 4.550
Létang, Olivier Paris Saint-Germain 43 bra.png  FRA 0
Trezeguet, David Juventus 38 bra.png  FRA 9.600
Schmäler, Nils Man Utd 46 bra.png  GER 1.160
Wrobel, Waldemar Dortmund 46 bra.png  GER 1.720
Roscher, Iddo N.E.C. 47 bra.png   HOL 2.030
Bruins Slot, Tonny Ajax 69 bra.png   HOL 4.470
Valckx, Stan VVV 52 bra.png   HOL 0
Filippini, Giancarlo Verona 47 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Marta, Roberto Juventus 45 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Conti, Bruno Roma 61 bra.png  ITA 0
Trionfante, Michele Palermo 34 bra.png  ITA 3.710
Berta, Andrea A. Madrid 39 bra.png  ITA 15.010
Corvino, Pantaleo Fiorentina 66 bra.png  ITA 10.680
Carnevale, Andrea Udinese 55 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Casiraghi, Pierluigi INTER 74 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Scirea, Riccardo Juventus 38 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Doveri, Emilio Juventus 60 bra.png  ITA 10.130
Giavardi, Giuseppe INTER 62 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Beccaccioli, Simone Roma 33 bra.png  ITA 6.740
Gallo, Gerardo Juventus 34 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Palmieri, Stefano Roma 62 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Cutrò, Francesco Palermo 36 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Pacini, Pietro Fiorentina 46 bra.png  ITA 8.800
D'Amico, Fabio Chievo 44 bra.png  ITA 3.720
Massara, Frederic Roma 47 bra.png  ITA 0
Lawlor, Jim Man Utd 51 bra.png   NIR 5.800
Pereira, Aurélio Sporting 68 bra.png  POR 6.020
Luís Campos - 51 bra.png  POR 0
Boto, José SLB 50 bra.png  POR 6.020
Gomes, Jorge SLB 59 bra.png  POR 6.020
Baicu, Radu AS Monaco 36 bra.png  ROM 4.750
Lluís González Barcelona 47 bra.png  ESP 17.530
Moar, Ricardo Coruña 62 bra.png  ESP 2.270
Llaneza, José Manuel Villarreal 67 bra.png  ESP 0
Lopez, Antonio Man Utd 56 bra.png  ESP 1.740
Cordón, Antonio AS Monaco 52 bra.png  ESP 0
Txiki Begiristain Man City 51 bra.png  ESP 0
Zbinden, Rudolf Basel 57 bra.png  SUI 2.110
Porkuyan, Valeriy Chornomorets 71 bra.png  UKR 670
Krasnikov, Eugene - 41 bra.png  UKR 0
de los Santos, Victor Celaya 52 bra.png  URU 170
Williams, David Man Utd 46 bra.png  WAL 1.620




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