Best GK Coaches Shot Stopping

Having a great tactic and a good defense is good and all, but if your goalkeeper isn't able to stop shots, you are destined to lose games. Therefore you will need a good Shot Stopping Coach in your backroomstaff, training your goalkeepers to become the best they can! These coaches have been selected based on the criteria for the 5 star training, so you only see the best of the best. 


Name Team Age Nation Wage
Argüeso, Claudio River 54 bra.png ARG 790
Macho, Jürgen First Vienna FC 1894 38 bra.png  AUT 300
Heu, Georg - 50 bra.png  AUT 0
Arzberger, Heinz FC Red Bull Salzburg 43 bra.png  AUT 1.000
Hedl, Raimund SK Rapid Wien 41 bra.png  AUT 2.500
Knaller, Wolfgang SKN St. Pölten 54 bra.png  AUT 1.000
Pripfl, Gerald SC Kalsdorf 42 bra.png  AUT 0
Loch, Stefan SK Sturm Graz 34 bra.png  AUT 1.000
De Wilde, Filip Waasland-Beveren 51 bra.png  BEL 750
Martens, Guy Krylja Sovetov 57 bra.png  BEL 610
Flávio Tênius BOT 52 bra.png  BRA 1.100
Ilo Roxo - 65 bra.png  BRA 0
Francisco Cersósimo ATM 49 bra.png  BRA 1.470
Roxo, Giuliano INT 39 bra.png  BRA 1.150
Paraíba SPT 48 bra.png  BRA 970
Buus, Poul AaB 53 bra.png  DEN 1.230
Sadler, Adam Leicester 36 bra.png  ENG 700
Bartram, Vince Southampton 47 bra.png  ENG 580
Mimms, Bobby - 52 bra.png  ENG 0
Woods, Chris West Ham 56 bra.png  ENG 3.480
Coles, David Bristol City 52 bra.png  ENG 1.740
Martini, Bruno Montpellier HSC 54 bra.png  FRA 3.720
Raviot, Franck - 42 bra.png  FRA 0
Kraft, Michael Yongchang 50 bra.png  GER 490
de Beer, Wolfgang Dortmund 52 bra.png  GER 6.720
Sirch, Peter Bayern 54 bra.png  GER 2.000
Nederburgh, Jan Telstar 58 bra.png  HOL 500
Storm, Jacques PEC Zwolle 54 bra.png  HOL 2.380
Spinelli, Gianluca Chelsea 49 bra.png  ITA 4.060
Grigioni, Adalberto Lazio 61 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Zinetti, Giuseppe - 58 bra.png  ITA 0
Nenci, Massimo Napoli 51 bra.png  ITA 4.220
Mlynarczyk, Jozef - 62 bra.png  POL 0
Figueiredo, Diamantino - 56 bra.png  POR 0
Matos, Luís - 60 bra.png  POR 0
Oliveira, Hugo SLB 37 bra.png  POR 3.010
Chanov, Vyacheslav CSKA Moscow 64 bra.png  RUS 630
Sambade, José - 44 bra.png  ESP 0
Álvarez, Emilio Man Utd 44 bra.png  ESP 5.800
García, Javier Sevilla 36 bra.png  ESP 7.690
Rosalén, Alejandro Fiorentina 39 bra.png  ESP 2.270
Iñaki Bergara - 54 bra.png  ESP 0
Elfvendahl, Maths IFK Norrköping 29 bra.png  SWE 800
Hilfiker, Andreas Wolfsburg 47 bra.png  SUI 4.000
Simsek, Yavuz - 69 bra.png  TUR 0


Make sure to check out our other Best Coaches Shortlists. We currently have all categories covered, so make sure to check the positions you need to fill to get the most out of training on your FM17 save.


When you have signed the coaches you want, make sure to apply our 5 Star Training Guide  and our Team Training Guide to maximize performances.

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