Best Ball Control Coaches

Want to play football like FC Barcelona? Than it is absolutely vital that you have coaches who can learn your players how to pass a ball around and how to get the best first touch possible. That is why we have selected the best coaches for you all on one list. These coaches have been selected based on the criteria for the 5 star training, so you only see the best of the best. 


Name Team Age Nation Wage
Chumba, Juan Huracán 48 bra.png  ARG 940
Flávio Tênius BOT 52 bra.png  BRA 1.100
Paulo Paixão - 65 bra.png  BRA 0
Anselmo Sbragia BAH 43 bra.png  BRA 950
Wellington Vero AMG 58 bra.png  BRA 940
Francisco Cersósimo ATM 49 bra.png  BRA 1.470
Antônio Mello - 68 bra.png  BRA 0
Cléber Queiroga NAU 39 bra.png  BRA 530
Joélson Correia STA 48 bra.png  BRA 1.020
Bastos e Silva, Wendel Luiz Sergipe 38 bra.png  BRA 220
Luiz Carlos Emirates 51 bra.png  BRA 420
Chamberlain, Mark Portsmouth 54 bra.png  ENG 1.160
Harrison, Eric Huddersfield 80 bra.png  ENG 350
Elgert, Norbert Gelsenkirchen 59 bra.png  GER 0
van der Laan, Harry Excelsior 52 bra.png  HOL 1.060
Caccia, Nicola A.C. Milan 46 bra.png  ITA 7.550
Neri, Massimo Wuhan 58 bra.png  ITA 150
Lupo, Vittorio Emanuele Novara 41 bra.png  ITA 1.960
Spinelli, Gianluca Chelsea 49 bra.png  ITA 4.060
Carminati, Ivan - 61 bra.png  ITA 0
Raciti, Ezio - 56 bra.png  ITA 0
Cerrone, Salvatore INTER 56 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Colombino, Giuseppe Catania 31 bra.png  ITA 760
Franco, Vincenzo Torino 32 bra.png  ITA 1.220
Campanella, Castrenze - 53 bra.png  ITA 0
Brychczy, Lucjan Legia 82 bra.png   POL 530
Barros, Rui FCP 50 bra.png  POR 3.760
Louro, Silvino Man Utd 57 bra.png  POR 11.600
Matos, Luís - 60 bra.png  POR 0
Quaresma, Miguel Sporting 62 bra.png  POR 6.020
Frade, Vítor FCP 71 bra.png  POR 3.760
Tralhão, João SLB 35 bra.png  POR 0
Bruno Lage Sheff Wed 40 bra.png  POR 930
Pedro, Filipe Estoril 29 bra.png  POR 830
Martagón, Juan Sevilla 48 bra.png  ESP 8.480
Gómez, Antonio Newcastle 42 bra.png  ESP 9.280
Borrell, Rodolfo Man City 45 bra.png  ESP 11.600


Make sure to check out our other Best Coaches Shortlists. We currently have all categories covered, so make sure to check the positions you need to fill to get the most out of training on your FM17 save.


When you have signed the coaches you want, make sure to apply our 5 Star Training Guide  and our Team Training Guide to maximize performances.

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