Best Attacking Coaches

When you want  to attack, having the best attacking coaches is absolutely vital! We have selected over 50 coaches who have scored the best in the Attack category when applying team training. We have selected the best from the best and these coaches will all receive a minimum of three stars for the Attack category.


Name Team Age Nation Wage
Batista, Norberto - 54 bra.png ARG 0
Biaggio, Claudio San Lorenzo 49 bra.png ARG 0
Graf, Claudio Talleres Cba. 40 bra.png ARG 700
Sallaberry, Pedro San Lorenzo 47 bra.png ARG 880
Sarría, Claudio Instituto 40 bra.png ARG 0
Zanetti, Sergio Pro Vercelli 48 bra.png ARG 0
Akagündüz, Muhammet SK Rapid Wien 38 bra.png  AUT 500
Meert, Stijn Zulte Waregem 38 bra.png  BEL 0
D'Hollander, Frederik - 40 bra.png  BEL 0
Lemos Filho, Quintiliano Francisco CEC 51 bra.png  BRA 630
Wellington Vero AMG 58 bra.png  BRA 940
Cléber Queiroga NAU 39 bra.png  BRA 530
Carlinhos Neves ATM 60 bra.png  BRA 1.080
Chico Fraga - 61 bra.png  BRA 0
Manoel Santos - 39 bra.png  BRA 0
Bastos e Silva, Wendel Luiz Sergipe 38 bra.png  BRA 220
Ranielle Ribeiro ABF 36 bra.png  BRA 300
Marco Biasotto FLA 46 bra.png  BRA 1.380
Linkov, Plamen Litex 59 bra.png  BUL 20
Vlcek, Stanislav Slavia Prague 40 bra.png  CZE 370
Knoflicek, Ivo Slavia Prague 54 bra.png  CZE 370
Larsen, Jacob F. AaB 36 bra.png  DEN 1.230
Beardsley, Peter Newcastle 55 bra.png  ENG 0
Sale, Mark Birmingham 44 bra.png  ENG 930
Whelan, Tony Man Utd 63 bra.png  ENG 1.740
Walsh, Alan Bristol Rovers 59 bra.png  ENG 0
Cauet, Benoît INTER 47 bra.png  FRA 2.270
Mengual, Guy OGC Nice 56 bra.png  FRA 4.960
Zickler, Alexander FC Red Bull Salzburg 42 bra.png  GER 1.000
Kirsten, Ulf - 50 bra.png  GER 0
Hoffmann, Benjamin Dortmund 36 bra.png  GER 0
Visser, Hans Krylja Sovetov 49 bra.png  HOL 2.000
Sheedy, Kevin Everton 56 bra.png  IRL 0
Elia, Oz - 49 bra.png  ISR 0
Mandelli, Paolo Sassuolo 48 bra.png  ITA 0
Bortoluzzi, Diego - 49 bra.png  ITA 0
Melandri, Stefano - 52 bra.png  ITA 0
Miano, Paolo Udinese 55 bra.png  ITA 2.270
Corti, Gianmario Internazionale 42 bra.png  ITA 0
Råket, Stig Arild - 38 bra.png  NOR 0
Naustan, Roger Rosenborg 35 bra.png  NOR 1.050
Brychczy, Lucjan Legia 82 bra.png  POL 530
Barros, Rui FCP 50 bra.png  POR 3.760
Tralhão, João SLB 35 bra.png  POR 0
Ferguson, Duncan Everton 44 bra.png  SCO 4.640
Scepovic, Sladjan Teleoptik 50 bra.png  SER 20
Cimirotic, Sebastjan Olimpija 41 bra.png  SVN 360
Barbarà, Joan Barcelona 49 bra.png  ESP 10.630
Borrell, Rodolfo Man City 45 bra.png  ESP 11.600
Tereschenko, Vyacheslav Chornomorets 39 bra.png  UKR 40


Make sure to check out our other Best Coaches Shortlists. We currently have all categories covered, so make sure to check the positions you need to fill to get the most out of training on your FM17 save.



When you have signed the coaches you want, make sure to apply our 5 Star Training Guide  and our Team Training Guide to maximize performances.

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