Victor Osimhen

Vfl Wolfsburg Vfl Wolfsburg


17 (29/12/1998)

Nigeria Nigeria

185 cm / 75 kg

€ 425.000

€ 4.500 p/w



Victor Osimhen has been added into the Football Manager database with the release of 17.3. The young Nigerian striker is a new player at VfL Wolfsburg, who paid 4M for him in January 2017. At the start of the game he is unavailable for a transfer, but you would be able to buy him after the first season. He could be costing you over 5M, depending on his development. A fair price for a very gifted young player.


Osimhen's main and natural position is Striker Centre, but he will be able to play as an Attacking Left Winger if needed. He can play in a various set of roles as your front man, but we love him as a Complete Forward. Develop him in this role and he will not disappoint you. Osimhen is fast and technical enough to create chances on his own, but also capable of finishing crosses from your wingers or full-backs.

user.png  STRENGTHS

Osimhen's profile shows a really good finisher for a player of his age. He is also a fast player, which makes him a dangerous player when playing on the counter attack. His height is pro, as he is able to beat opponents in the air and his abilities show that too. Concentrate your training on the Complete Forward role and give him enough playtime during the season. He will develop into a World Class striker that can score from every angle in every league. 

user.png  WEAKNESSES

As a 17-year-old he is bound to have some weaknesses in his profile. Technically and physically he is already above average and those attributes will develop over the years. You will be winning most if you concentrate on his Mental attributes. Attributes like Concentration, Decisions and Off the Ball are all abilities that will need to improve. But also attributes like Anticipation and Composure could improve.


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