Gianluigi Donnarumma

AC Milan AC Milan


17 (25/02/1999)

Italy Italy

196 cm / 90 kg

€ 8.250.000

€ 5.750 p/w



Gianliuigi Donnarumma’s Transfer Fee will vary in every save you play. We have seen games where the young Italian goalkeeper gets a transfer for 15M and we have seen saves where AC Milan refuses to let him go and will ask a price higher than 100M. If you are lucky enough, you will be playing a save where Milan needs some cash and accept bids from 15M up to 25/30M.

user.png  STRENGTHS

Donnarumma’s biggest strength is his quality compared to his age. He is 17-years-old an already one of the better goalkeepers in the game. He will have no trouble playing at a club like Milan and could easily be the first goalkeeper at one of the big clubs in the Premier League or Spain. And the best thing is; he will develop even further and will become the best goalkeeper in the game in almost every save you play. His best Attributes from the start are: Command of Area, Handling, Reflexes and Jumping Reach.

user.png  WEAKNESSES

Donnarumma is a great goalkeeper, but will have some trouble playing as a Ball Playing Goalkeeper. If you like the build-up of your team to start at the goalkeeper, Donnarumma isn’t the best choice. He is a bad passer and lacks the Attributes to stay calm and build-up play. And his lack of Speed could prove to be dangerous is you play a high defensive line. Although he is good in One-on-Ones, his lack of speed could hurt your team.


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Best young Goalkeeper in the game! Bit pricey though!

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