Dinamo Zagreb

Kevin de Bruyne



130286.png MAX TV PRVA LIGA

eng.png  CROATIA




€ 23.000.000



Maksimir (35.123)


€ 1.722.760


€ 203.210


user.png  CLUB HISTORY

Dinamo Zagreb, also referred to as NK Dinamo was founded in 1945 and is the most successful club in Croatian football. Since the start of the Croatian league in 1992 they have won 18 League titles and 14 cups. In recent years no other Croatian club has been a match for Dinamo. The club has won 11 titles in a row and has qualified for the Champions League on multiple occasions.


Dinamo is also well known for its Youth Academy, being one of the best in the world. Players like Luka Modric, Mateo Kovacic, Zvonomir Boban, Alen Halilovic and many other well-known Croatian footballers. Biggest Wonderkid they have today is Ante Coric.


user.png  PROS

Playing a game with Dinamo could prove to be fun because of the strength of the squad. You will be able to win trophies very easily, so this could be a good starting point for a fun journeyman save. The youth academy has proven itself and the club will be producing some great wonderkids in longer saves. The fact Dinamo has yet to make an impact in Europe brings you a big challenge as well. Try to get Dinamo through the Group stage of the Champions League and try to take them to the final.


user.png  CONS

Problem with a club like Dinamo is the frustration you could be having. The club wins titles on cruise control in Croatia, but in Europe you will fail on most occasions. You will need to be persistent enough to complete the challenge of forcing your way into Europe. Another con could be Dinamo’s reputation for longer saves. Because it is quite low compared to other European clubs, your best players will tend to get unhappy and will try to force their way out of the club. Keeping a hold of your best players could be a problem.


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