FM17 | FLUT Dark Skin

Flut Dark Skin

The Flut Dark skin, a skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2017. Version 2.8 released on 17 June 2017.

I had doubts about releasing this version, since it is not a new version but an update of the last one. However, considering the fact that I did a new scoreboard (for Pokal DFB) and also I included new changes in the news panel (now you can choose among 17 news headers) I decided to release it as the last version of FLUTSKIN for FM17.

An huge thank you to all FMfans who decided to use this skin and support my work with kind words of support!!


Need help installing this custom skin? Use our special guide and in a couple of easy steps, you will be enjoying these graphics in your game!

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