Florinel Coman

Florinel Coman is an young talented striker who has the potential to become one of the elite strikers in Football Manager 2018.

Name: Florinel Coman
Nationality: Romania
Age: 19 (10/04/1998)
Height: 182 cm
 75 kg

Club: FCSB
Contract: 30/06/2022
Position: ST
Value: £ 425k / € 600k
Est. Cost: £ 5M / € 6M

Transfer information
The young Florinel Coman is an interesting target because of his low price and current ability. While he can’t play for an A-league elite team, the Romanian striker sure has the potential to be one. For £5M you can buy yourself a very talented striker, that can be send away on loan for some years while he develops into a very good all-round striker. We managed to agree terms with FCSB for an initial fee of 4M adding a Loan back clause (1 season) and a 30% profit of next sale clause. For less then 5M you can get one of the more talented strikers in the game and that is considered a bargain!

Florinel Coman is considered to be a spirited individual and that makes him a player that works hard to fulfill his potential. The strongest area of his game is his overall speed and his strongest attribute is Bravery. Good thing about Coman is his versatility, as he can play in more than one position. If you see fit, you can retrain him into a left or right winger. Seeing he has the player trait ‘Cuts inside from left wing’ and a good Long Shot (13), its advised to retrain him as a left inside winger.

Florinel Coman is very one footed, which can cause some problems in front of the goal. It also makes him easier to defend. You can try to train his weaker foot though. To make him a better player you will have to focus his training on First Touch. Also, if you want him to move into channels towards the sides of the pitch, he needs to improve his crossing.

Florinel Coman – 2017

Florinel Coman – 2017 – FCSB

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Florinel Coman – 2022

Florinel Coman – 2022 – FCSB

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Florinel Coman – 2027

Florinel Coman – 2027 – FCSB

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