Fiete Arp

Fiete Arp is seen as one of the future stars in German football. How is his potential set in Football Manager 2018? We take a look at his abilities and his development over 10 years.

Name: Fiete Arp
Nationality: Germany
Age: 17 (06/01/2000)
Height: 184 cm
 78 kg

Club: Hamburger SV
Contract: 30/06/2019
Position: ST
Value: £ 1.3M / € 1.75M
Est. Cost: £ 18.25M / € 20.5

Transfer information
We managed to agree a basic offer for Fiete Harp at the 18.25M mark. His club Hamburger SV is hard to bargain with and demanded an initial fee of 35M. We succeeded in lowering the demands with nearly 50% and we are sure you could lower it even further if you add some additional clauses.

Fiete Arp is considered to be one of the biggest talents in Germany and his profile reflects this. The 17-year-old striker is the biggest future start at Hamburg. He is a spirited individual and a consistent performer. For a player that age, this is very impressive. Arp is also considered to be a leader on and off the pich, which would make him an ideal captain one day. Add to this list the fact he can improve a lot in the future and you have a very good and talented young striker.

Cons for the young Fiete Arp are quite scarse, but we are always able to find some criticism. He isn’t a versatile player and can only play as a striker. Arp will need to train his composure as a striker, but he should also work on his concentration, decisions, Positioning. Last but not least; make sure to focus a part of his personal training on his Overall Speed and Stamina too. These are areas he could be improving on.

Fiete Arp – 2017


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Fiete Arp – 2022


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Fiete Arp – 2027


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